Midland-Odessa, West Texas Pictures 1937 – 1941

Dust, shrubs and oil tanks — is Midland-Odessa still the same after 75 years?

                                                               Source: MRT.com

Library of Congress photographs from 1937 to 1942 seem to suggest so. The U.S. Farm Security Administration photography project was the largest ever sponsored by the federal government, according to Photogrammar, which organized the photos and mapped them by county.

“In order to build support for and justify government programs, the Historical Section set out to document America, often at her most vulnerable, and the successful administration of relief service,” Photogrammar states.

The collection illustrates what life was like in Midland and Ector counties after the Great Depression and during World War II. Images feature migrant workers, farmers, oil well supply companies and iconic Tall City windmills

Midland 1939 View of Midland, Texas, from the Mexican quarter looking towards the business section 1939
Midland 1939

Privy in Mexican section of Midland, Texas 1939
Midland house 1939
House in Midland, Texas, with its individual windmill 1939

Midland oil tanks 1937

Oil tanks near Midland, in West Texas 1937
Midland oil tanks 1939Oil tank farm near Midland, Texas 1939
Odessa farmers 1937Farmers on street corner. Odessa, Texas 1937
 Odessa freight 1937
Freight moving east near Odessa, Texas 1937
 Odessa migrant oil worker 1937Migrant oil worker and family near Odessa, Texas 1937
Odessa migrant oil worker 1937Odessa Texas migrant oil worker 1937
Odessa migrant worker 1937Odessa Texas migrant oil worker and his wife 1937
https://i1.wp.com/bloximages.chicago2.vip.townnews.com/mrt.com/content/tncms/assets/v3/editorial/2/ea/2ea53076-a73e-11e4-9e0b-d75b9631d3fe/54c96490095ab.image.jpgOdessa Texas. Oil well supply company 1942
Odessa oil tank 1937Odessa Texas oil tank farm 1937
Odessa oil well supply company 1942Odessa Texas oil well supply company 1942
Odessa oil well supply company 1942
Odessa Texas. Oil well supply company 1942