Stealing the Election for Cruz

In a 2006 documentary entitled, Hacking Democracy, PBS exposed Diebold and their role in rigging elections with their electronic voting machines. It was the first time that any average America was made privy to the fact there was a concentrated effort to steal elections and subsequently deny the will of the people. Most Americans did not believe the documentary. On the heels of this revelation, there came the revelation of Clinton Eugene “Clint” Curtis is an American attorney, computer programmer and ex-employee of NASA and ExxonMobil, who also exposed election hacking. What was remarkable about Curtis is that he actually was one of the computer programmers who wrote code designed to steal elections through the fraudulent use of electronic voting machines.

Testimony on how electronic voting is manipulated to fix elections

Voter Fraud In Florida

Tuesday night, March 16, the leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s name was left off Florida primary ballots according to reports relayed by Fox Business Network’s Jennifer Eckhart on Twitter who said the local Fox affiliate has received “dozens of complaints.”

Eckhart wrote the irregularities are in “Jupiter County” which does not exist. Clearly  meant the town of Jupiter or Palm Beach County where Jupiter is located. Palm Beach County is where Trump’s Florida base Mar-a-Lago is located.

Eckhart Tweets

Hearing reports from friends in my home state of Florida that@realDonaldTrump is left OFF of voting ballots at various polling stations

Jennifer Eckhart

@realDonaldTrump Up to 15 people now have called me to complain that Trump is left off their voting ballot in Florida@DonaldJTrumpJr

“.@samuraiEighty returned ballot said they were given the “wrong one”…called local Fox affiliate – they’ve received dozens of complaints”

“If you’re a registered voter in Florida and you’ve received a ballot w/ @realDonaldTrump OFF the ballot – contact me. @FoxNews on the story.”

Source. Reclaim Our Republic