Hillary On Economy: “I Don’t Know. Leave It To Bill”


Nothing could better underscore Hillary’s lack of the proper base of knowledge to be president than her statement that she would assign the economy and job creation to her husband. That admission of economic ignorance essentially says that she will continue as the de facto Secretary of State and let Bill resume his duties as president. But, this time, it is not Bill who is running for president.

Hillary’s intention to delegate the essential work of managing the economy, stands in sharp contrast to Bill’s 1992 commitment to “focus like a laser” on fixing the economy. Could you imagine a candidate for president who says, in effect, that running the economy is not her thing, but don’t worry, her husband will take it over?

The fact is that Hillary is right — she has no credentials to show any real knowledge of the economy. Her work on the problems effecting women and children — providing stoves to African families — is as skew to economic policy as it is to foreign policy.

The complexities of interest rates, bond trading, derivative regulation, deflation and inflation, long term unemployment, and the migration of our labor force to the ranks of the welfare dependent, are all terra incognito for this presidential candidate. To the extent that she addresses economic concerns at all, she approaches them as social justice questions. Ask her about equal pay for equal work or family friendly workplace policies or health care benefits and she is in her element. But about job creation, international competition, protecting our industrial secrets, the business cycle, automation, the erosion of our manufacturing base, and trade deals she is at sea.

Send for Bill.

Even if it were legitimate for a candidate for president to have such blind spots in her knowledge base, what a slender reed Bill Clinton would be to rely on! In his currently depleted physical condition and seemingly limited energy level, the Bill Clinton of 2016 is not the man we elected in 1992. He has aged faster and more tragically than his wife. And most of his ideas have aged as well.

by Dick Morris and Eileen McGann | The Hillary Daily


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