America First ? – Wall Street Legislative Priorities and Presidential Politics…

This might seem a little too “inside baseball” for some, but then again we’re often asked what breadcrumb trails we follow when identifying motives around presidential politics.

Ultimately, understanding the bigger picture, and fully grasping the six year shift in the Wall Street Legislative priority disconnect, will assist readers and researchers to comprehend the motives of the participants in the fully engulfed globalist oligarchy that surrounds U.S. presidential politics.

Many people have yet to accept or make the mental shift needed to understand that Washington DC lawmakers are not your mom/dad’s politicians.  Their legislative endeavors are now fully created by Wall Street globalists.   Once you understand the legislative priorities of Wall Street, you can see what agenda items will be focused upon by UniParty leaders: Ryan, McConnell, Reid/Schumer and Pelosi.

As previously outlined, Senator Bob Corker was dispatched to Trump Tower on Monday to meet with Donald Trump and get a better understanding of the risk to Wall Street’s Legislative Priority Agenda. 

bob corker

Wall Street and the UniParty political leadership are trying to evaluate whether their current legislative priorities can be maintained with a Donald Trump presidency.

“America First”, the key principle enumerated by Mr. Trump doesn’t seem to align with the DC politburo’s current ideological needs if they are to fulfill the agenda items purchased by Wall Street (Donohue) via K-Street contributions.

After candidate Trump navigated the conversation with Corker, we should not be surprised to see an offering of sorts from the Wall Street legislative team.  The tripwire which stems from the Monday emissary meeting would be a Speaker Paul Ryan endorsement.  The goal of such an approach is to get Trump moving away from Main Street, and on board with Wall Street’s plan. It will not be successful.

Hence, Clinton.

Wall Street doesn’t leave much, if anything, to chance.  Unfortunately, due to Donald Trump upsetting their UniParty construct, currently Wall Street is only fully in control of one side of the (legislative/political) coin, Hillary Clinton.

If Trump refuses to allow the legislative priorities of Wall Street to advance (Immigration, ObamaCare, TPP, Monetary Policy, Omnibus etc.), then the power brokers will have no alternative except to attack Trump in order to install a more favorable co-hort, Clinton.

Everything always boils down to the advancement of the Wall Street Legislative Priorities.

Once you understand those priorities, you understand the motives of everyone who is tasked with seeing those objectives reached – everything that’s going on clarifies….

….. e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.

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by Sundance | The Last Refuge