CNN Finds Somali War Criminal Working Security at Dulles International Airport

CNN has found an alleged war criminal from Somalia now working in the United States as an airport security guard.

Yusuf Abdi Ali was a commander during the Somali Civil War during the 1980s and has been accused of ordering the torture and executions of civilians in what has been called a genocide.

When CNN found out that he was living and working in the United States, they sent a crew to his workplace, Dulles International Airport in Northern Virginia, just minutes from Washington, D.C. The film crew found a man matching Ali’s description working security and began asking him questions.

“What’s your name?” a CNN producer asked.

“Ali,” the guard responded.

“Yusuf Ali,” the producer said.

“Yeah,” Ali said.

“Where are you originally from?” the producer asked.

“Somalia,” Ali said.

CNN correspondent Kyra Phillips reported that Ali came to the United States from Canada with the assistance of his wife who helped him secure a visa into the United States. Ali was deported from Canada due to his past, but that did not prevent him from being able to get into the United States.

Phillips also reported that Ali has been removed from his position as a security guard and that his past did not come up during a background check.

by Jack Heretik | The Washington Free Beacon

Senator: Obama Admin Must Suspend Syrian Refugee Program Amid ISIS Threat

Call comes after ISIS militants infiltrate migrant groups

Refugees and migrants walk along a beach after crossing a part of the Aegean on a dinghy, from Turkey to the Greek island of Lesbos / AP

A leading senator has called on the Obama administration to immediately suspend an effort to bring some 10,000 Syrian refugees into the United States amid new reports that ISIS terrorists have successfully infiltrated groups of migrants in the West, according to comments provided to the Washington Free Beacon.

Sen. Mark Kirk (R., Ill.) told the Free Beacon on Thursday that the Obama administration does not have the capacity to properly vet Syrian refugees for terror ties before they enter America.

In light of recent reports that three Syrians tied to ISIS has been arrested in Germany on terror charges, Kirk called on the White House to end its effort to facilitate the mass resettlement of Syrians in the United States.

“Reports that ISIS terrorists again infiltrated Syrian migrant flows into the West highlights the dangers posed by the White House’s decision to slash security screening times from 18 months to three months in order to rush the approval of 10,000 Syrian refugees into the United States by September 2016,” Kirk said. “The administration should suspend efforts to rush in Syrian refugees and instead work with Congress to prevent all terrorist infiltration of Syrian refugee flows.”

Kirk and other congressional leaders have expressed concern about the administration’s effort to expedite the screening process for these refugees. He and other lawmakers recently filed legislation to strengthen the vetting process.

While law enforcement officials have said that it could take more than a year to properly vet these refugees, the Obama administration has asked that the screening time be cut to around three months.

U.S. officials told the Free Beacon in May that the administration will move forward with a plan this year to resettle 10,000 Syrian refugees and 85,000 refugees overall.

Terrorists, including those affiliated with ISIS, have successfully exploited the U.S. European refugee programs in the past. This includes several individuals who went on to plan and commit terror attacks.

by Adam Kredo | The Washington Free Beacon


One thought on “CNN Finds Somali War Criminal Working Security at Dulles International Airport

  1. paul black

    DC has a big Somalia population,all working at airport,both Reagen and Dulles. I remember when travelling to FNBA Ops center in McLean,VA.,big smiles,white teeth, Now I know what they were always smiling about!

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