California Touchscreen Machine Gives Sanders Vote To Another Candidate

The shocking footage shows a citizen walking up to the machine and attempting to vote for Sanders two different times, with each vote being credited to a candidate named Michael Steinberg.

A disturbing video from a polling location in Alameda County, California is an example of what might be a Smartmatics or Diebold type machine programmed to flip the vote without anyone allowed to examine or verify the software code  settings. Smartmatics and Diebold are part of the UniParty DC regime – and provide the electronics to Brasil, Britain, France, Syria, Venezuela, Utah (that is how Ted Cruz won over TRUMP, even though his polls showed 20% max, prior to the election). Populist candidates have no chance, neither does the “public”.  George Soros is close friends with the Chairman of Smartmatics and provides the machines for “FREE” to any gubbermint wanting to be the winner.  Diebold is part of the CIA.


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