America’s Post Election Marxist Color Revolution (video)

Vanity of Godless commie bastards on full display


2 thoughts on “America’s Post Election Marxist Color Revolution (video)

  1. iwpchi

    Those “godless commie bastards” appear – and we do mean “appear” – to be anarchists, not communists… although they could just as easily be police agent-provocateurs “dressed as ‘anarchists'”. You would be very hard-pressed to get a photo or video of any actual communists vandalizing anything as that is not something actual “communists” do. We have been in hundreds of demonstrations led by actual communists over past 35+ years and never have we seen any communist vandalizing anything. In fact, in the actual communist parties, if one of their members or sympathisers wanted to get kicked ass-backwards out of their organization on the spot, wantonly vandalizing property during a demonstration would be a good way to do it. It’s not because we worship private property, but because Marxists have always understood that acts like wanton vandalism of storefronts, cars, buses or even police cars do not and can not bring about positive revolutionary change in society. A workers revolution is not an escalating series of increasingly violent demonstrations, as some puerile fake-revolutionaries seem to believe, but a well-planned and executed insurrection of disciplined revolutionary workers, students and soldiers who take great pains to prevent wanton acts of violence and vandalism before, during and after the insurrection.

    Henningsen is a crackpot. To claim that George Soros is giving marching orders to the very small groups of crazies trashing storefronts out of the vast majority of peaceful anti-Trump protestors is obviously absurd. The vast majority of anti-Trump protestors are shocked and demoralized liberals who are expressing their fear that Trump will actually carry out the crazy plans he spoke of during the campaign which he almost certainly will not. The anti-Trump protestors backed Hillary to the max and have no program beyond electing Democrats to office. When their preferred candidate did not just lose the election but was humiliated by a repulsive man who all the news media flacks claimed had “no chance” of winning the election it blew their minds; and so they started impotently protesting against an election that their party and their equally hideous candidate flat-out lost. It makes no sense, and it won’t lead to much of anything unless these distraught Democrats come to the realization that the Democratic Party, like the Republican Party, do not represent the interests of the working class but of the capitalist class. In the event that the anti-Trump protests lead to the realization among the burned Berners and stunned Hillary partisans that what they really need is a party of the working class to represent their class interests then something good will come out of these protests. Otherwise they will accomplish nothing but a letting-off of the pressure of burst self-delusional hopes and dreams.

    As for the charges that the anti-Trump protestors are “violent”, the complete lack of large numbers of arrestees for violent crimes committed during the demonstrations is ample testimony to the contrary – no matter what fools like Henningsen would like people to believe. The US Government has certainly been involved in launching violent demonstrations of paid thugs to rampage through cities all over the world – but only against victorious left-wing political parties. The CIA has long financed violent “flash mobs” of fascists to attack workers, students and politicians – but of the LEFT, never the right. They did it in the Ukraine; they are doing it now in Venezuela. The CIA has hired goons to attack and kill LEFTISTS in Chile, Italy, Greece, Indonesia, the Phillippines, Nicaragua – to name just a few places. If a man with the money George Soros and the bankster-billionaires who backed the Hillary campaign wanted to hire thugs to raise hell on the streets of the USA – and there is absolutely NO evidence that Soros or any of them do – they could certainly afford to hire enough goons to do a far more spectacular job than what these folks have done.




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