Denny’s Menu Hack

When I go to Denny’s I almost always order the same thing: two eggs and hash browns. Unfortunately Denny’s has never offered this as a package breakfast option so I order it as two side dishes for a total of $7 ($3 for hash browns, $4 for two eggs).

As I was ordering, a smart and friendly waiter told me of a secret way to save money on my favorite Denny’s morning meal. Instead of ordering two eggs and hash browns as side dishes the waiter told me to order “biscuits and gravy without the biscuits and gravy.” When I told the waiter that it sounds like I am not ordering anything he replied that the biscuits and gravy comes with two eggs and hash browns and that the whole meal costs just $4. So from now on, whenever I make an early run to Denny’s, I’ll be sure to order nothing for breakfast.


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