Father Lures And Traps Pedophile For Stalking His Daughter

A brave Oklahoma father went above and beyond to protect his daughter. After learning that a mid-thirties predator was sending lewd messages to his underage child the brave man arranged his sting operation.

The young girl’s father, who asked to remain anonymous in order to protect her privacy, told local reporters that he found out about the perverted messages after glancing through the girl’s phone. Horrified at what he found the distressed father immediately called the cops.

He was reluctant, however, to let the matter rest until the police could handle it. There’s little that officers could while the illicit relationship remained unconsummated. Desperate to protect his daughter, the man devised a plot to snare the pervert.

Pretending to be his daughter, he invited the rapist over to his house, assuring him that “she” would meet him for sex in the backyard. The plan worked. The anonymous offender was so eager to violate the teen that he easily bought the father’s lie.

On June 22, the teen’s step-mom hid inside a tent in their backyard and waited for the man to appear. The rest of the family waited nearby. When the pervert arrived and poked his head into the tent the girl’s cousin sprung from the shadows and tackled him to the ground. Another family member quickly pounced on the pinned man before the father rushed forth with a handful of zip ties. The entire encounter was caught on surveillance video.

“The family took it upon themselves to pretend to be her and invite the suspect to the house to meet her in the backyard in a tent for the purpose of having – to have sex… Just before he enters the tent, the father and three family members… tackle him and zip tie his hands and feet, and hold him until the police get there,” Major Jody Suit with the Del City Police Department said.

Most parents are willing to do anything to protect their children. Police officers don’t recommend setting up your own sting operations, but nobody can blame the girl’s father for what he did. His child was being abused by an older predator. He’s lucky that caught the man before anything serious happened.

According to the Daily Mail: “When police arrived they arrested the man on charges of unlawful communication by the use of technology, using a phone and social media to communicate with a minor. The man was not injured in the incident. The teen was inside the house and completely unaware of what was going on.”

The pervert himself is lucky that his victim escaped unscathed because if she hadn’t he would have been facing far more serious charges. He’s accused of technology crimes rather than sexual assault. It’s unclear if the man has ever been arrested before.

There’s a theory floating around modern conservative circles that states that American men are becoming weaker. Supporters say that traditional alpha males are being replaced by hipster betas with manbuns.

However, no one can argue that the girl’s family stood up for her admirably. Rather than shaming their child or allowing a predator to get his talons into her, her father and step-mother arranged to save her from danger without even having to alert her with what they were doing.

The family is comprised of American heroes. They deserve to be given medals for their bravery while the man who wanted to abuse a minor deserves to be punished. It’s a miracle that no one was hurt.

Luckily, most families will never be put into such an awful situation. But if they were, we can only hope that they would be able to display even half as much loyalty and courage as this young girl’s family did.

Source: New World Order Report


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