What Difference At This Point Does It Make Hillary?

The house of cards upon which the Obamas and Clintons built the Trump-Russia connection has finally collapsed on cable TV, main stream media.

… but wait, there is much, much more.

In the last week, the Russian collusion story has collapsed. Well, not exactly collapsed: there was collusion with Russian officials, but it was all done by the Clinton campaign, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the Obama Administration. They were aided and abetted in covering it up by the FBI under the leadership of Robert Mueller and James Comey. The only thing slightly unclear is whether these FBI leaders were active participants in their agency’s help in covering up what may be the biggest scandal in American history or clueless dupes.

As it turns out, in 2010, the FBI knew that the Russians were systematically engaged in bribery and extortion to increase their ownership of North American atomic energy resources. But that FBI investigation was put on hold long enough for the U.S. to approve the sale of 20 percent of its uranium reserves to the Russian company, Rosatom. Coincidentally, Rosatom investors donated $145 million to the Clinton Foundation – and Russia paid Bill Clinton $500,000 for a speech, double his normal fee. Actually, the FBI investigation was put on hold entirely until 2014, when the “Russian Reset” had clearly tanked. Mueller was head of the FBI when the investigation was put on hold. This is not just a smoking gun; it is a blazing pile of rocket launchers.

In a separate revelation later in the week, it turned out that the phony dossier that was used to accuse Donald Trump of collusion with Russians was instigated, bought and paid for by the Clinton campaign and the DNC. Their contractor worked with Russian officials to dummy up the charges. These stunning revelations were not broken by Fox News, but by the left-leaning capitol hill newspaper, “The Hill” and the far-left “Washington Post.” And so it turns out that the shrill accusers were simply accusing their opponents of doing a vastly watered-down version of what they had been doing for years – and dummying up the evidence to give it plausibility.

It has been a rough few weeks for the anti-God left. Those accusing others of colluding with Russia were the ones actually colluding with Russia – for profit and to affect the outcome of the election. Now the establishment media, which a few months ago was shrieking that Donald Trump Jr. was guilty of treason for taking lunch with a Russian, then walking away from her offer, is absurdly arguing that taking over a $100 million and giving away America’s nuclear resources…and working with Russian agents to dummy up a fake dossier to discredit an opponent is just business as usual. The establishment media has made it clear to all but the most clueless that it has become the press office and crisis management center for the Democratic Party.

Meanwhile, in Hollywood, after decades of lecturing normals about how benighted we are and uncaring about women’s rights, a “New York Times” story on Harvey Weinstein has unleashed a gusher of allegations and hard evidence that Hollywood is the home of predators and pedophiles – and that even those who may not have actively participated were complicit in covering it up. The Hollywood left has been busy ‘leftsplaining’ to us that it is a systematic problem and we are all to blame. No, Hollywood, it’s not us; it’s you. The meltdown in tinseltown has helped me understand why so many actresses are so shrill about how rotten men are. If, in their bubble, they imagine that men in Hollywood are the kindest towards women’s sensibilities, no wonder they avoid all men in flyover country like Dracula avoids garlic. They should get out to flyover country, go to an NRA meeting, maybe even a church service.  They’ll be astonished to discover that here in the Heartland, we treat women with respect – like real people rather than as mere things for our pleasure.

We must remember that much of the anti-God left actually believes the smears they launch at us. Former National Public Radio CEO Ken Stern was astonished, after spending a year among conservatives, to discover most of his prejudices against them were based on ludicrously inaccurate stereotypes. Without neglecting to hold those who have tried to weaponize the legal system against their mere political opponents, let us never forget that we are called to evangelize our opponents by showing them the true face of Christianity and normalcy.

With the pretenses and fantasies of the anti-God left in full collapse, Special Prosecutor Mueller will unveil his first indictments in the “Russian collusion” case against Trump on Monday. It is bizarre. After last week’s revelations, whoever Mueller indicts, he ought to be listed as a co-conspirator, not a prosecutor, even if those indicted are Democrats who actually DID collude with Russians. If, feeling the ground crumbling beneath them, this is a last-ditch effort by the anti-God left to get their mojo back, by brazening and bullying it out, it will make for a VERY perilous moment – and may launch a genuine crisis of massive proportions.

A month and a half ago, NFL players decided to double down on their open contempt for America and its soldiers and cops, figuring the fans had nowhere else to go. Now the TV ratings of and attendance at NFL games is in free fall. An attempt to double-down on the phony Russian collusion charges against the Trump administration the very week after it was revealed that all the collusion has come from the left will lead to a Constitutional crisis at best, the beginning of violent civil strife at worst. We are nearing a perilous Rubicon. Normal Americans are, to use a favorite leftist expression, woke.

Whatever comes, remember that God has a plan. We are called to be a Godly people, neither tolerating nor enabling the assaults from the left, nor striking out in frustrated vengeance. All things ARE being revealed.

By Charlie Johnson | charliej373


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