Good Cop or Bad Cop?

Mesa Arizona LEO Philip Brailsford

Watch the following video, again and again:

* * *

Read the local account of Philip Brailsford, the “You’re Fucked” killer cop’s testimony.

Inscription on dust cover from the rifle used to kill Daniel Shaver, approved for service use by the Mesa Arizona Police Department.

His name was Daniel Shaver

* * *

What happened To … Protect And Serve America?

American TV show Adam 12 purported to capture realistically a typical day in the life of police officers. The show originally ran from September 21, 1968, through May 20, 1975, and helped introduce police procedures and jargon to the general public in the United States.

Old hotness above, new hotness below.

Sourced from an American Civilian Defense blog.









2 thoughts on “Good Cop or Bad Cop?

  1. reportanddeport

    Good cop or bad cop? He’s a bitch. He’s a corpse that’s still warm. He’s a bitch who’s the product of a department of bitches, who all need to get what’s coming. Every day I search the internet for see where this bitch is hiding. They’ll find him, they’ll get him, and he’ll learn the meaning of,


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