The Beginning Of Open War With Communists Is Now

At some point you will have to stop running and take a stand.

Never forget everything Hitler did in Germany was legal.

Free men do not obey Bolshie diktats and tyranny.

If you are a traditional American, you are already hated. You will be robbed at mob point and ultimately eliminated from the country of your birth.

We live in an unaccountable police state. Make peace with resistance because our choices are rather stark.

We’re living in times where fraud is the status quo and possession is the law.  Where bad judgment is only associated with having screwed people you never suspected would take you out.

Not only will you not be able to vote your way out of this situation, but you also will not be able to avoid a bloody, terrible fight – except by submission.



1 thought on “The Beginning Of Open War With Communists Is Now

  1. larryzb

    Hitler nearly smashed the New World Order and that is why he must forever be in the public mind the most wretched monster who ever lived. At least that is what M.S, King wrote in his book, The Bad War, on page 273. They banned this book on Amazon a year ago. It was causing too many uncomfortable questions for the ruling elites.

    We only mention this as your post above mentions Hitler, and, in truth, most people know next to nothing about the man and his policies.

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