Leaked Pics of Actress Jennifer Lawrence Show Her Dazed ― After An MK Ultra Session?

Those of us in the know, are well aware that Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence is a MK-ultra mind-controlled beta-slave, in the Luciferian/Satanically controlled Hollywood “entertainment” industry.

It is believed the following photo was one of the pictures released when 4chan hacked Jennifer Lawrence’s phone. Most people focused on the naked pics that were released in the hack….but I find this one extremely interesting.


Here Jennifer is obviously drugged or in an altered state…. sitting on a bathroom floor next to a toilet with the lid up…which would indicate she had been vomiting.

Notice that her arms, knees & legs are badly bruised. One of the symptoms of a mind-control session in which trauma is administrated, is that the receiver gets violently sick due to the punishment that is administered.

It would appear that perhaps her handler took this picture?

That photo came to my attention after a friend sent it to me with the request that I try to “get it out there” because she said, “It’s being censored anywhere you try to post it on social media.”

I had a hard time believing such a picture would be censored as there is nothing overtly shocking or “sensitive” pertaining to it.

So I posted it to my Facebook page and sure enough within less than 60 seconds it had been removed…. just like my friend had warned me. I was shocked.


And it also made me realize that of course there must be more to that story if they’re actually censoring such a “regular” picture…one that really doesn’t show anything overt to the untrained eye.

Just a few days after I was sent the Jennifer Lawrence picture, Jennifer actually did an interview on Ellen and on Colbert where she revealed she had an “alter ego ” named Gail who she was convinced was “gonna kill her one day”.

The photo shown behind her is her, when Gail “takes over”

She also spoke about another alter ego who often comes out on the red carpet. She said this is a pic of that alter personality. She was embarrassed by the intense look on this “alters face” and asked Ellen to please change it.


Check this out: (Vid by one of my favorite YouTubers “The Vigilant One”)

I also thought this next vid by Vrillex was interesting on the same subject. They’re both short but if you can only watch one watch the first vid above by The Vigilant One for sure. This next one is just extra…

Most Hollywood stars are from bloodline families and have been raised from birth under MK Ultra and placed in these celebrity roles. No one makes it big by chance. If you’re an A-list celebrity you are also usually a bloodline servant, serving “The Plan”.

Jennifer Lawrence is exactly what Fritz Springmeir and Cisco Wheeler speak about in their book… a completely undetectable mind slave… (undetectable except for when a hacker hacks all her cell phone photos and posts them on 4chan. That gave it away a bit… but besides that.) She is a victim…

But that doesn’t make her any less dangerous….

Source: By Laurel Glaze | 50 Shades Of Pissed Off


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