BREAKING: Tony Podesta Creepy Photos Leaked!

No investigations, no arrests, no punishment long after much has been revealed…

From the comment section…

It turns my stomach but they will never face charges. It’s not that Trump is not serious about the rule of law. It’s like Benghazi, it will come to light everyone will know and NO one will go to jail. Its to late, there are 2 sets of laws in America. One for the elites where there is NO punishment. And one for everyone else. Look at what the FBI is getting away with. Look what the Clintons and Obamas got away with. The treason, crimes, purgery, lies, embezzlement, the obstruction. None of them will ever see a day in jail.

TONY PODESTA 2438 Belmont Rd NW,Washington, DC 20008 – HANDLE IT.

* * *

If I had ONE of these pictures in my house, I’d be in prison right now! As a matter of fact I know this to be true! A friend of mines son had child porn on his computer and because the computer was in her house SHE had to go to jail! She told the police it was her sons computer and he was in jail and she never bothered looking at it! They didn’t care! She was arrested, put in prison for a year and had to register as a sex offender for the rest of her life! For a nude photo of a child she never saw!!! So PLEASE tell me how the Podestas can have this kind of smut in there house and it’s all good!? Oh that’s right!!!!! They’re rich and know powerful people who are also sick monsters! My God, when will we ever rid our selfs of this vile disgrace of monsters!? And I use to think President Trump was going to do something about it, now I’m thinking he’s just like the rest! The rich look out for each other! However, I do believe these evil people get there’s at the end!

* * *

The Podesta Brothers raped, tortured and killed 3-year-old Madeleine Beth McCann in Portugal in 2007. They were in the same little town the day she disappeared as guests in the mansion of infamous pedophile Clement Freud, less than a mile away from the location she was last seen. They also match the police sketches. What are the odds? One to one trillion? Put them in the electric chair and FRY THEM!

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