Sig’s New P365 “shoots like Waytt Earp’s ghost is running the trigger”

P365 – SIG’s New Wonder Weapon

Paradigm Shift noun UK   /ˈpær.ə.daɪm ˌʃɪft/ US   /ˈper.ə.daɪm ˌʃɪft/ formal – a time when the  usual and accepted way of doing or thinking about something changes completely – Cambridge Dictionary

 I need to start this review off by saying, I am no SIG fanboy. But facts are facts, and I always give credit when it is due. The new P365 is a game changer for concealed carry guns, and there are no two ways about that. I have seen and shot a lot of CCW guns in my day, and this one sets a new bar for excellence. new SIG Sauer P365 is a game changer for concealed carry guns.

As I write this, I am having trouble figuring out exactly why. On paper, the gun looks impressive, but not that far beyond its peers. It holds 10+1. Big deal. Other guns in this category hold 9+1, which isn’t that far off. It’s tiny. Well, so is a Glock 42. It has legitimate sights. That may be unusual, but it isn’t unique. The trigger breaks at 5.5 pounds, again not that far from the pack, if any. The difference is, the SIG P365 shoots like Wyatt Earp’s ghost is running the trigger, and I can’t tell you with certainty how that is possible. From just looking at the specs of the gun, it makes no sense. But this thing runs like a prairie fire fueled by a tornado. For the moment, let’s just attribute that to magic, which is as plausible an explanation as anything else.

Features P365 is tiny. Here you can see what it looks like in the author’s hands.

When I first saw this gun at SHOT Show, I liked what was on offer. At first glance, I would have called it a G-42 double stack, which would still be a pretty neat gun. The secret to SIG having a tiny profile, but managing to cram 10 rounds in the magazine, comes from its tapered design. The magazine is actually a pyramid, with a long taper up to the round that feeds out of the top. SIG could have gotten more capacity by going with a wider body, but they hit the sweet spot of grip size and bullets and stopped. Bravo. The result is that the SIG is 3mm wider than a Glock in the grip, and fits 4 more rounds.

The SIG, for me at least, also hits the grip circumference size where it is extremely comfortable to shoot. At the slide, the SIG is 1mm wider than the Glock, which also makes it nice to tuck in your pants.

The sights on the P365 are big enough to use, with a nice wide rear notch. The front features an oversized bright green ring, which is perfect for daylight use. They are actually hard to miss, at least if you are looking for them. When the lights go out, 3 tritium dots take over, and they are sufficiently bright for any night use as well. The rear sights have a shelf for one-handed manipulation, should the need arise.

The controls are very well laid out, and sized with thought put into them. I like oversized magazine releases on race guns, but not on ones I stick in my pants. The P365 has a magazine release that is almost recessed, you won’t drop a mag without trying. This makes reloads a little more difficult, but it does prevent accidental magazine release in the holster. I have had that happen with carry guns, and it would really suck to start a firefight with just the round in the chamber. Very nice design, I count the SIG work here as a positive. The slide release is exactly the balance needed of big enough to hit, but small enough not to inadvertently lock the slide. magazine release is designed for concealed carry. It’s recessed so that it’s not accidentally depressed on holstering, drawing, or during daily activities.

The trigger is the biggest mystery of the pistol. My trigger gauge says it breaks a 5.5 pounds. My finger says it is actually better than my P320X5, which before today was the gold standard in striker fired triggers. That doesn’t make sense, but it reflects in shooting as well. There is a small bit of takeup, then a clean break. The trigger geometry must include unicorn horns, or the SIG Engineers filled it with voodoo. I have no idea why, but the trigger feels a lot lighter than that when you shoot it. I was actually going to call them out for putting a 3 pound trigger in a carry gun before I gauged it. Whatever the reason, it makes the P365 run both extremely fast, and group very accurate.

Shooting the P365

Reliability wise, the P365 has that in spades too. I ran 500 rounds through the gun with no hiccups. And for most of that, I was also running my thumb on the side of the slide. It ate hollow points and ball, as fast as I could shoot them. I heard some rumors about reliability, so I actually took the P365 further than I needed to. I also fed it a box of Tula steel case, the worst ammo I have ever seen outside of the third world. The bangs might not have all sounded the same, but every round went off and ejected.

Recoil is extremely manageable in this gun as well. Using full power 9mm, I can barely tell the difference between the P365 and a full sized gun. That is also without explanation. If you watch my video, you will see the gun stays very flat throughout shooting. The grip has enough texture to help, but not enough to explain this alone. The recoil system is a dual spring design, but the slide feels no harder to manually rack than any other CCW gun. The bore axis is low, but not the lowest in class. That has the side benefit of not giving you slide bite as well.


I have long advocated using a CCW gun that is big enough to hang onto, and at first glance, this would not have fit the bill. But somehow, in use, it does. The gun points well, like an extension of your arm. The only odd part for me now is the draw, as I am looking for a tiny grip to lock up on. With training time, that will go away too. I never thought I would say this, but the P365 isn’t just a good carry gun. It is a good do anything gun. With the capacity on board and a potential of 12+1 with extended mags, there is no reason it can’t. This gun is literally good enough to run 6 plate racks or compete in IDPA, and still be your gas station carry piece. I have never seen a pistol more worthy of fitting the EVERYTHING GUN description.


  • CALIBER: 9mm Luger
  • ACTION TYPE: Semi-Auto
  • FRAME SIZE: Micro-Compact
  • GRIP TYPE: Polymer
  • FRAME FINISH: Nitron
  • FRAME MATERIAL: Stainless Steel
  • SLIDE FINISH: Nitron
  • SLIDE MATERIAL: Stainless Steel
  • TRIGGER: Striker
  • TRIGGER TYPE: Standard
  • BARREL LENGTH: 3.1 in (78 mm)
  • OVERALL LENGTH: 5.8 in (147 mm)
  • OVERALL WIDTH: 1.0 in (26 mm)
  • HEIGHT: 4.3 in (109 mm)
  • WEIGHT: 17.8 oz (500 g)
  • MSRP: $599

Holster Option For The P365

Let us not forget, a CCW gun is part of a system. The other parts of that system are holsters, magazines, and other daily carry items. Holsters can be a bear to find for a new gun, and we are always looking for the next great thing. With the P365 coming up, I made a discovery of excellent holsters that I can highly recommend. I put in a call to Detroit Holster, and I was very happy with the results. I opted to order two models, the 8 Mile, and the Dix.

The Detroit Holster 8 mile is an IWB holster, kydex, with a belt clip. The cant is optional for 15 degrees forward, 30 degrees forward, or straight up and down.

The Dix is a minimalist holster, that covers pretty much just the trigger guard. A loop of 550 secures the holster to your belt, and a simple pull frees your weapon.

Both showed attention to detail that is way above par, such as kydex wings to cover the mag release, keeping it from dropping free in your pants. It is apparent from examination and use, Detroit Holster is run by people that carry guns. Thought has gone into every detail, and the holsters are amazingly comfortable.

8 Mile and Dex.

The fit is perfect for the gun, a sign of excellent craftsmen. I am very surprised I haven’t heard of Detroit Holster before, and I thought about keeping this to myself to keep my wait times down. Whatever your carry gun, this shop is one you want to check out.

The holster partially covers the mag release to help prevent the mag from getting dropped during carry.

The front sight features an oversized bright green ring, which is perfect for daylight use. rear sights have a shelf for one-handed manipulation, should the need arise.

Source: By Clay Martin | Guns America


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