Eating Tide Pods Is So Passé, Teens Now Snorting And Pulling Condoms Through Their Noses

Carmen Liona reports for Fox News, April 2, 2018, that “teens” in pursuit of Internet fame have moved from ingesting Tide Pods to a new fad — snorting a condom up one nostril, inhaling, then pulling the condom through the nose down the throat, and out of the mouth.

Like other viral fads, this one has been around for years unbeknown to us, but is just now catching fire on social media, mostly via YouTube. Watch the disgusting video below of three “teens” performing the pull-condom-from-nose “game”:

The condom snorting fad follows a recent trend of “teens” eating Tide Pods and encouraging or daring others to do the same. “The Tide Pod Challenge” has resulted in poison centers reporting 142 incidents just in January, according to the
American Association of Poison Control Centers (AAPCC).

But America has elevated “teens” to being opinion leaders on gun control.
Kids Illustrating Dismal Effects of Being Raised on Social Media as They Snort Condoms for Likes

Political Cartoons by Glenn McCoy

But wait, there’s more…

So who really are the fools?

Source: Fellowship Of The Minds


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