Veteran’s On Patrol Find Child’s Body In Arizona Desert After Child Trafficking Camp Discovery

URGENT: VOP Finds Child’s Body in Arizona Desert – Cadaver Dogs and Handlers Needed

VOP Photos of  Child Sized Human Skull They Found in Arizona Desert Today, June 7, 2018.

It is with great sadness that we report that Veteran’s On Patrol (VOP) has found a human body in the desert, which, by the size, appears to be the body of a small child.  Go to the link below to watch their video:

More images and video here:

This is a sad and enraging discovery, but maybe now Arizona law enforcement agencies and federal law enforcement will finally take this seriously and we can  see real action taken and justice done.  This also shows exactly why we put out a call to action yesterday, asking our experienced LEO, military, and search and rescue personnel to volunteer to go down there to the Tucson area and lend a hand by looking for additional sites and evidence of child sex trafficking.

And this discovery of a child’s body by VOP shows why we asked for dog handlers with cadaver dogs, in our call to action yesterday:

Dog handlers and dogs.   We need search and rescue handler’s that would be able to bring their own dog and be prepared to sustain themselves and the dog.  We can also use retired police officers who might still have a working dog or current serving officers that would be willing to come down off-duty and utilize their dogs.  Cadaver dogs would also be extremely helpful.   God knows what we might find out there in the desert. They are going to either need to be from the southwest or realize the fact they will have to allow time for the dog to adjust to the hot weather, and also be able to cool the dog off in a vehicle (emphasis added).

Unfortunately, we now know exactly what we can expect to find out there in the desert.   And we now ask, once again, for those of you who are trained dog handlers, and especially with cadaver dogs, to step up and volunteer to help.   Email us at:

If you know a dog handler with a dog, please forward this to them, along with our call to action, and encourage them to volunteer.  We need them!

As we said yesterday, we need skilled LEO, military, search and rescue, trackers, and dog handlers to get down there and help locate other suspected human trafficking/child sex trafficking sites, and now, they need to be actively looking for other bodies.

It is sickening to know this is happening on American soil, but it is time to face reality and do something about it. And it is time to demand that President Trump do something about it too.  He has the authority, the means, and the duty to seal the border using all the massive assets of the Department of Defense and the U.S. military.   He needs to do it.  As commander-in-chief, he can issue an order to the U.S. military to seal the border now, immediately.   He doesn’t need to wait for Congress.  And he also has the full authority to call up the militia – both the organized militia in the form of the National Guard, and the unorganized militia, in the form of US.  We the people are the rest of the militia that President Trump can, should, and must call up into federal service under his command to seal the border and put an end to child rape, child sex slave trafficking across the border (both ways) and to put an end to child murder by these foreign enemies, on American soil.   He can start by calling up all of us trained military, police, and first responder veterans.  We would be honored to serve.

Meanwhile, let’s show by our own actions that we are committed to doing whatever it takes to put an end to this nightmare of child sex trafficking and murder on American soil.   Answer our call to action!  Get up, gear up, and be ready to go.   And if you can’t make it yourself, then support those who can and will.   Support VOP, Craig Sawyer’s Veterans for Child Rescue, and please support our call to action and our Operation Child Shield.  We need you help and support.   And the more we bring light and heat to this situation, the more likely President Trump will be to take decisive action.

The VOP crew and their allies on the ground in Arizona are doing all the heavy lifting, and they need help. Let’s roll.

Stewart Rhodes

Founder of Oath Keepers

Tucson “Operation Child Shield” Donation (here)

Source: Oath Keepers


US Veterans Find Child’s Body, Skull, Bones Scattered near Alleged Arizona ‘Child Trafficking Camp’

The veterans and civilians who have been occupying and investigating what they believe are child-sex trafficking camps in Tuscon, Arizona discovered a child’s skull, scattered bones and the dead body of a child in the vicinity of the site Thursday.

As the Gateway Pundit reported, Michael Lewis Arthur Meyer,  founder of the homeless Veterans advocacy group Veterans on Patrol, has been livestreaming videos on Facebook as he tours the alleged sex camp he stumbled upon last Tuesday.

Authorities have insisted that the encampment is not a crime scene, concluding that “there is no indication this camp is being used for any type of criminal activity, including human trafficking.” But Meyers, with the assistance of civilians, has discovered evidence they argue proves the site warrants criminal investigation.

Trees with wrist restraints were found on the camp grounds along with children’s clothing, pornographic material, dozens of boxes of brunette hair dye, boxes of condoms, sex lubrication, baby crib, a stroller, an outdoor bathroom, children’s dolls and a 5 feet tall underground septic tank that Meyers has described  ‘as being impossible for a child to escape from.’

A local rancher alerted  U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, the Tuscon sheriff’s department and Veterans on Patrol on Thursday, notifying them that he found a child’s skull and a child’s corpse at the alleged sex camp.

“As of right now we have uncovered a small child’s body. The Sheriff’s department is in route. My team said there are reports of bones that have been sawed off, but this definitely human cadaver. This is between the ages of 9 and 14 years old. It’s still decomposing. The spine is still attached to the skull,” Meyer explains in a video streamed live on Facebook.






(Meyer’s begins recording footage of the human remains at the 10 minute mark in the video.)




The rancher found the skull and corpse claims that when he informed the border patrol agent of what he found, the agent was indifferent and refused to report the finding to the sheriff’s department.

“We found a skull with the jaw ripped off, all the teeth were missing, the spinal cord was still connected to the skull. I told them all that stuff and they just said to contact the sheriff. I asked if they had a better way of contacting the them because they have radios and everything, and he just shook his head no,” Danny explains in the video. “Pretty much told us we are shit out of luck, we have to call them ourselves. Why would they not secure a scene?”

Meyers claims he has since discovered two more camp grounds since he stumbled upon the first one last Tuesday by following a path marked by black and white  jugs.

“I found two camps that were abandoned marked by white jugs, signs that show they were being used by coyote,” he says in the video. “Follow the black jugs that’s all you have to do. The third one was found by a rancher.”

The land on which the encampment is located is owned by Cemex Construction Materials South, LLLC., a multinational building materials company in Mexico and partner of the Clinton Global Initiative.

CEMEX received a $7 million contract from the Clinton Global Initiative to build houses in Haiti during Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State in 2012, nearly two and half years after the quake.

According to federal lobbying disclosures, Cemex donated $25,000 to the Clinton Foundation.

Chelsea Clinton attacked Tuscon local media for investigating claims about the camp, tweeting on June 6, “Of course there’s a #Pizzagate 2.0. Of course there is. If you have been a victim of trafficking or have suspicions of actual trafficking, please reach out to the National Human Trafficking Hotline: 1-888-373-7888.”



The land on which the encampment is located is owned by Cemex Construction Materials South, LLC., a multinational building materials company in Mexico and partner of the Clinton Global Initiative.


CEMEX received a $7 million contract from the Clinton Global Initiative

to build houses in Haiti during Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State in 2012, nearly two and half years after the quake.



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