Say Hello to Your Future

“Roy Rogers? He doesn’t mean anything. There’s a revolution going on, and it don’t include no Roy Rogers.”-Rosalina Sondoval-Marin

“For God’s sake, don’t disarm. Do not disarm.”-Dr. Gregory Stanton

The Left sings the praises of the “browning of America,” and the Western world as a whole, and looks forward to that glorious day when whites are finally minorities in their own nations with a religious fervor. Why whites becoming a minority in their own homelands is a good thing, and why it is necessary for the precepts of social justice to be fully realized, is never articulated; it’s simply a matter of faith that when the magical day cometh—the Social Justice Judgement Day as it were—the seas will part, an empire will collapse, and peace and tranquility will reign. The expiation of our sins may only be accomplished by a mass blood-letting, the likes of which has been openly, wistfully commented on by no less a personage than televangelist Oprah Winfrey:

As long as people can be judged by the color of their skin, the problem’s not solved… There’s a whole generation, I said this for apartheid South Africa, I said this for my own, you know, community in the South, there are still generations of people, older people, who were born and bred and marinated in it, in that prejudice and racism, and they just have to die.[1]

In this new, brighter (darker?) future, though, whose money is going to be taken at gunpoint and forcibly re-distributed once they’ve run out of easy-pickings whites? Asians? If the Rodney King riots in the ’90s taught us anything, they better avoid the Korean grocers. Will the Coalition of the Fringes leave their self-generated urban blight and head into the bush to fight the stump-toothed rednecks for scraps? Will their Jewish overlords be spared, or will the darker-pigmented continue to dutifully carry out the SPLC, AJC, and ADL’s anti-white pogroms? Will the New Zion be paradisal or will it quickly degenerate into South-Central Los Angeles on a national scale? Will the dashiki-clad Congressional Black Caucus pass motions like this: “No white man of whatever nation he may be, shall put his foot on this territory with the title of master or proprietor, neither shall he in future acquire any property therein,” or this: “The preceding article cannot in the smallest degree affect white woman who have been naturalized…nor does it extend to children already born, or that may be born of the said women” [sic]? Oh, you thought this was just scare-mongering dystopian fiction? No, no, Fair Traveler, those are Articles 12 and 13 from the 1805 Haitian constitution! Will there be a generous welfare state in New Zion to care for the 92% of white women who have a child or children with a black man out of wedlock, 82% of whom wind up on government assistance? Finally, and perhaps most importantly, what bathrooms will the trans community will be permitted to use? As we know, based on contemporary concerns, that’s infinitely more important than demographic sea change and meta-civilizational imperilment.

“Whiteness” must be diminished—or better still, eradicated. Faith in the new religion of Progressivism remains as strong as ever, and this is its central tenet. Despite all evidence to the contrary, the belief that Western civilization, and its men in particular are, to quote the African-American Studies and sociology professor Saida Grundy, “a problem population,” remains pervasive and deeply entrenched. Considering white men built the modern world notwithstanding, they are also underrepresented in most major crime statistics, as well as, in spite of the media narrative, mass shootings, I’m having a hard time figuring out what exactly this affirmative action hire is referring to with respect to “a problem population.” Additionally, the bastions of white supremacy that are American colleges and universities are statistically safer than the national average (and yes, that includes sexual assault, again contrary to the prevailing narrative). So an inventive, tolerant, non-criminally-disposed population has somehow been framed as the scourge of humanity. Right. Well, something is going to have to supplant “whiteness,” or at least step into its vacuum, something approximating the aforementioned New Zion.

In Afghanistan, women who are raped can be charged with the crime of adultery, which is punishable by death; victims of rape have been known to be publicly lashed in Saudi Arabia and imprisoned in Somalia; husbands may murder their wives with impunity if they are suspected of committing adultery in Egypt and Syria. Margot Wallström dubbed eastern Congo the “most dangerous place on earth to be a woman,” which Chilean-via-Sweden activist Zaida Catalan posthumously proved last year. By some accounts 1,000 rapes are committed daily. Marital rape is legal in the following countries: The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Brunei, Libya, Malawi, Bangladesh, Botswana, Haiti, Ethiopia, China, Iran, Lebanon, Laos, Ivory Coast, Kuwait, Zambia, Yemen, Uganda, Syria, Sudan, South Sudan, Tajikistan, Ghana, Indonesia, Jordan, Senegal, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Lesotho, Nigeria, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Oman, Myanmar, Morocco, Afghanistan, Algeria, Mongolia, Bahrain, Mali, India (where one-third of men have admitted to forcing their wives into intercourse), Tanzania, or Malaysia; though this isn’t relevant in some of the above nations, spousal rape is concurrent with sharia law, whereby a wife may not refuse her husband unless she is menstruating, in which case she is considered temporarily “impure.” Islamic doctrine also excuses domestic abuse.

In Lebanon, Bahrain, Jordan, Iraq, Tunisia, Tajikistan, Uruguay, Malaysia, Peru, and the Philippines, rapists may be exonerated if they marry their victims. According to official statistics, migrants in Germany, primarily represented by Iranians, Syrians, Afghanis, Pakistanis, Algerians, and Moroccans, committed an average of nine sex crimes—a day. At less than 5% of the population, approximately half of all rapes in Germany are committed by migrants. Over half of all women in Papua New Guinea have been raped, two-thirds have been battered, and up to half of all underage girls are potentially at-risk for sex trafficking. Additionally, girls as young as twelve may be forced into marriage. But go on, tell us again how white males are the problem, Professor Grundy.

Far from dispensing with an artificial construct of “whiteness,” the progressives will realize far too late that, as Lothrop Stoddard wrote one hundred years ago:

The great racial divisions of mankind are the most fundamental, the most permanent, the most ineradicable things in human experience. They are not mere diverse colorations of the skin. Matters like complexion, stature, and hair-formation are merely the outward, visible symbols of correlative mental and spiritual differences which reveal themselves in sharply contrasted temperaments and view-points, which translate themselves into the infinite phenomena of divergent group-life. Now it is one of these basic racial lines of cleavage which runs between “East” and “West.”… The terms “brown race” and “brown world” do connote genuine realities which science and politics alike recognize to be essentially true. There certainly is a fundamental comity between the brown peoples. This comity is subtle and intangible in character; yet it exists, and under certain circumstances it is capable of momentous manifestations.

It’s not going to stop unless we make it stop. Life is not therapeutic, it is tragic. No one gets out alive. These real truths of being—we all die, we all suffer, if we are lucky we may love—are what it means to be human. To struggle against existence is to fight to become something more. The transience of life is both its tragedy and its beauty. So what, we’re just going to purge existence of all discomfort? Hardly. Lobotomizing your culture and wallowing in affluence can only last a generation or two, and then the ghosts of children you never had will eventually see the homeland you failed to defend fall into the grasping hands of the barbarian, soon to fall into disrepair. The old world will be nothing but a memory.

And yet the feminists still decry the patriarchy while their sisters are dragged kicking and screaming into the No-Go Zones to be savagely raped and beaten, their families threatened, their nations in flames. Tolerating the intolerable while being intolerant in the Church of Tolerance, the egalitarian project is more important than family, than homeland, than life—than reality. As Heather MacDonald said, “Science is now a fireable offense because it contradicts feminist ideology,” but feminism itself has, to quote Bruce Thornton, “institutionalized a fundamental incoherence,” willing to sacrifice its own ideology at the altar of DIVERSITY. Feminism has succeeded in creating a bunch of grotesque facsimiles of what men used to be before they all decided they wanted to become women, and in this new paradigm of incongruence, the barbarian strides in, confident and uncowed, slaughtering the braying masses in their pens of “hate speech” and inclusion.

What is the drug? Everybody’s tired of laying down with you, but they do it anyway, the same perfumed wreckage of human beings driven by nothing more than impulse. This is a rather dim view of my fellow man to be sure, but Winston Smith had faith in the proles and look where that got him. In my darker moments, this is where my mind will stray. “Into the abattoir of multi-culturalism with you! This is what you wanted, so by God, now you must live it!” But for that poetic justice, all would need to be lost, and I will fight with every fiber of my being to prevent that from happening. Where to, then?

This is another fun one: Lately I’ve been seeing the populist parties of Europe referred to as “White Nationalist” parties, used obviously as an epithet. The absurdity is of course that a White Nationalist in Europe and a European Nationalist are the same thing. It would be like trying to smear a Nigerian in Nigeria as a Black Nationalist. The bubble-wrapped, ahistorical, and uni-cultural worldview of the egalitarians is fully on display here. Nevertheless, all distinction must be erased by the globalist Leviathan. Joseph Sobran observes (this is worth quoting at length, so forgive me):

We don’t have to choose between Nativism and Alienism. A healthy native is not an all-out Nativist, but rather has a code of hospitality and gallantry that takes into account the position of the alien; and the reasonable marginal member of society is not bound to be a fanatical Alienist, even though there are those who would like to inflame his resentments. Both perspectives have their stories to tell. Both can be accommodated by civility and the rule of law, without privileges for either, although it is a mark of the surprising power of Alienism that its favored minorities do, in spite of majority sentiment, enjoy privileges based on race…One of [Alienism’s] principal targets is “capitalism,” a blanket term for a free economy. Just because it is impracticable to attack all economic transactions at once, liberalism issues a general condemnation of “inequality” while homing in on vulnerable points. By calling the overall distribution of wealth unjust, it authorizes itself to call for state intervention anywhere, without bothering to specify the final distribution it would like to see. Private transactions embody “greed”; state programs of redistribution to liberal client-groups represent “compassion.” In good gnostic fashion, liberalism damns the entire material world; but it redeems selected parts through piecemeal collectivization.

Like any political machine, liberalism passes its booty out among favored dependents, in the guise of succoring victims. Its moral pretensions have been so successful, its claims of idealism so unchallenged, that nobody thinks to call the liberal machinery a system of greed and corruption…One of liberalism’s most successful strategies has been to establish a standing presumption of guilt against the native: his motives are always in question, his racism and bigotry “just beneath the surface.”… SOCIALISM is the pure expression of Alienism. It rejects in principle the entire current and traditional form of society and insists on total transformation. In order to accomplish this, it must replace consent with unlimited state power.[2]

Thus, the state becomes All, for it is Good and Compassionate and Righteous. It is also an un-thinking monstrosity set to annihilating the native and replacing him with a population that, although less docile, is much more inclined to view a totalitarian state not just as good, but for many cultures it is the only kind of state that they can conceive of. There is no tradition of representative democracy in Africa; there are no precedents for republicanism among aborigines or Steppes people or people from the Levant. No, this is a particularly European phenomenon, and even the high-IQ Chinese tend to prefer an “enlightened despot.” With a very few choice exceptions in representative government like modern Japan and South Korea, and these are also still very conformity- and honor-based cultures in many ways, self-governance is the province of Western Man, and he is far too independent and difficult to control. It’s why whites went to Africa and the Americas and Oceania, to escape the clutches of the Old World and forge new societies from the wilderness. Obviously many of these people were themselves slaves, indentured servants, or convicts, but the intrepid frontiersman spirit is what drove the creation of the nations we see today.

This is why, in an increasingly globalized world, the managerial classes of the First World want to replace their populations with the Third World. Everywhere will resemble some shitty mix of Brazil, Nigeria, and Afghanistan, the glories of past civilizations forgotten, our shining city upon a hill nothing but a burned-out and decrepit shantytown.

“They exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and saved created things rather than the Creator.” (Romans 1.25)

Source: The Anatomically Correct Banana

5 thoughts on “Say Hello to Your Future

  1. Glenda T. Goode

    This phenomena of the ascension of the not whites and the subjugation of women is driven by a very basic human emotion. Greed. It is largely driven by men who covet the power and influence of other men.

    The US society allows for a tremendous amount of freedom for women. This is an impediment to the potential ‘not-white’ conquerors. This means the women will fight alongside the men to resist the onslaught of the hordes of the uncivilized. This must be torn down.

    The first step is to divide the men from the women in the US. Pussy hats. #Me too. all of these movements that accuse men of some deed or another serve to divide the nation and weaken our resolve to remain free. While this is going on, the left churns along behind the scenes.

    The global socialist left planners are using the jealousy and greed of the uncivilized islamic parts of the world as a tool to weaken American, if not all Caucasian societies by forcing immigration and acceptance of what are very contrary customs and beliefs to what has been the established values of our societies for 2000 years.

    We Caucasians are under siege. The enemy is inside the gates subverting our plans. They are outside the gates keeping up the pressure so as to force us to surrender to the ways of the rest of the world.

    I do believe that besides the civil war we are facing internally, we are facing WWIII with the islamic world. Their stated objective is to convert the world to islamic rule. They are serious about this. I am not all that sure how the people like Soros plan on dealing with this probability. I am sure there is a strategy afoot to manipulate things to their (Soros types) advantage.

    We need to go on the offensive and start driving these hordes back into the darker regions of hell where they came from. Time is running out. We need to be vigilant.

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