NBC has Perfect Send Off for John McCain Seconds After Death Announcement

John McCain who gave aide and comfort to America’s enemies in Vietnam and killed over 100 of his fellow navy soldiers while Showboating on the USS Forrestal, and the republican who threw the 2008 election so globalists could install Barack Obama into the presidency died on Saturday, almost a year after he was diagnosed with brain cancer at the age of 81.

Lets break down the McCain operation – Read by The War Drummer

4 thoughts on “NBC has Perfect Send Off for John McCain Seconds After Death Announcement

  1. Jeff Wilson

    This is the first truly stupid post that I’ve seen on your website. I don’t believe that John McCain threw the 2008 election, he was too full of HIMSELF to throw it. And as far as John McCain starting the fire on the USS Forrestal, I would advise you to NOT go down the DEMOCRAT route of DELIBERATE DISINFORMATION. Lying and fake news is what DEMOCRATS do. McCain was a RINO, but there was no evidence that he started the fire. https://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/rocket-causes-deadly-fire-on-aircraft-carrier


      1. Jeff Wilson

        How about EVIDENCE OF ANY KIND? How about you not making stuff up and spreading disinformation? You’re no better than CNN in this case. John McCain DIDN’T NEED this nonsense being said, for people to abandon faith in him, he did it all by himself with his RINO policies and flakiness.



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