Multiple Sexual Assault Allegations Force CBS CEO Out

Three hours after Ronan Farrow in The New Yorker outlined another six women coming forward with harassment claims against the embattled chief executive of CBS, bringing the total number of accusers to twelve, CBS unofficially reports a deal reached with CEO Leslie Moonves and his exit from the media company.  An official announcement is expected on Monday.

The CBS Corporation was already in litigation over control of the organization with the controlling shareholder Shari Redstone.  The new allegations of sexual misconduct presented today by the New Yorker appear to have spurred a settlement of the already existing lawsuitThe terms of the settlement are reported to be announced on Monday.

Reuters ReportNew Yorker ReportFox News Report.

Looking back to what has transpired in the last year and a half it’s nothing less than a miracle we’ve been given hope as we’ve never felt hope before and it’s not just in America but all over the earth people are praying for Trump because they know deep inside that whatever he accomplishes in America will ultimately affect them in North Korea South Korea Sri Lanka Egypt Venezuela Spain Germany Italy Canada Japan people all over the world are rooting for Trump the deep state views it’s being diffused and as indictments move forward it will be over for many high-profile individuals in the government entertainment industry Hollywood and mainstream media many will be shocked to see what’s been going on deep in the shadows as pedophilia child sacrifice rituals and human experimentation comes to the surface the government will be rebooted so to speak fake news will be removed and replaced and every corporation tied to the fake news machine will be charged with treason and crimes against humanity our Father in heaven chose Donald Trump for this time as an opportunity for his righteous sons and daughters to take back dominion of the earth he was born for this task and most importantly he accepted his calling Trump is not bound to any religious indoctrination and therefore he’s totally receptive to what has to be done Trump’s decision to run was not for political reasons or power Trump decided to stand up and step in to stop that extraction of America which in turn will save the earth something trunk knew he must do at least 28 years ago he was born for this task and accepted his calling as shocking as this may be to many I can assure you that the organized church or Israel have nothing to do with Trump being anointed and chosen by our Father in heaven for this task nothing what comes next will shock most because he hasn’t been ridden and it doesn’t conform to any written prophetic timeline of events that mankind has been conditioned to believe our Father in Heaven denies any and all prophetic events as described in any book we have free will and from this time forward the righteous must regain total control and dominion of the earth after the pedophile industry is exposed the demonic satanic child sacrifice rituals will be brought to light and every organization tied to it will be routed out in assets will be frozen it’s not just the evil corrupt swamp in America this encompasses all governments of the earth the tribunals will last for years and meanwhile the pharmaceutical industry will be exposed which in turn will expose Monsanto which will expose big companies such as Pepsi for the creation and infliction of all types of cancer through the food industry the domino effect will branch out to many corporations tied to the creation and deployment of patent viruses such as Ebola and the spreading of DNA altering nanotechnology through vaccines and geoengineering also tied to Monsanto all mechanisms of deception will be exposed including our history our science and our religion a new age of discovery will begin and we will understand who we are where we come from and what we must do going forward it’s not the meek who will inherit the earth but the righteous sons and daughters of the Father so who are the righteous sons and daughters of the Most High these are those who stand for what’s right those who have a moral compass those who live in principle and teach their kids to do so in the beginning we were given Dominion of creation but we surrendered it to Lucifer now it’s time to take it back because we are the guardians of our father’s creation and we must regain our posts with extreme prejudice we must rid of all genetic manipulation throughout all of creation and we must keep this cancer is evil under full containment once we accomplish this the earth will heal our bodies will heal and the quarantine will be over amazing discoveries awaits us the good news of the gospel will be understood as we learn to love one another Jesus commandment to love one another is the gospel that sets us free from religion and brings us together in righteousness.

Source: by Sundance | Conservative Tree House


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