Crisis In New Zealand

New Zealand is in the crosshairs of an Agenda 21 depopulation program. Listen as we interview first hand accounts of the chemical poisoning of the native people of this nation.

I live in New Zealand. It is totally disgusting what our “primary industries” is doing to our precious LIVESTOCK . Let the deer live and birds live – WTF is going on here . Blame it on opossums and so they must kill 100% of all wild animals, yes the agenda is loving our Prime minister , agreeing to wipe out our wild life. No more hunting for deer stalkers etc. Imagine 1000s of flies about as our livestock get killed off. And our fresh water poisoned by our Government.
Lissa Luxmi
Im here in New Zealand and YES this is definitely happening!!! They changed the law very quietly last year so they are now dropping it directly into our waterways!!! 1080 Monofluoroacetate is the chemical weapon that was in Sadams cache! It kills everything that breathes! We are seriously in trouble here and need you all out in the world to spread the word FAST! they are this summer dropping tonnage like never before of 1080 . We have gathered people onFB OperationBAN1080 last few weeks ,an amazing rise in people many gathered in Natiionwide 45 towns all over protest last week and very little in our media and what is mostly lies & propaganda. PLEASE HELP !!!
guilda kriletich
Doc is dropping this poison in pellets. They are killing horses, dogs, goats, pigs, deer, kiwi etc. Birds are eating it and they fit and froth for hours in agony while dying. Its disgusting. They put sign posts out where its dropped and do warm us but check out the Graf Brothers NZ. They video the aftermath a month or weeks after the drop. We just had a nationwide march against it, but as usual its all falling on deaf ears. No one wants it here and they have plans to start dropping more. They want us to be pest free however this is an impossible task and our Morepork and Native Hawk will have no food soon, no rats, no mice etc and will start eating baby birds instead, counteracting the whole process of saving our Native Birds. Rediculous. Some of our politicians have shares in, vested interests.
Sodium Monofluoroacetate does kill Native Birds. It kills Deer Pigs and cows deer dogs cats. I do know alot of people sick from 1080 poisoning. It has been dropped on them and into their water… Now the Government do not care if it comes into contact with humans as they say it does not accumulate in Soil Water plants or Animals.. It does accumulate. The Helicopters are contractors. These Helicoptors charge out up to 5k an hour..They use Trucking companies to transport it. And yes they do use Rescue Helicopters. Bogus Security guards… It has been dropped just up the valley from me.. It’s is on walking tracks..DOC are supposed to remove them. These dead animals go for water die a horrible cruel death and cause ecoli in our drinking water. My creek is poisoned now. My sheep drink that water and I use that water too water my garden. We have very little Tb.. Ospri use 1080 for possum control. We should be trapping and use the skins and furs.. 1080 does become fluorine.. There is no antidote for 1080 poison. The Government is about to poison Aucklands water supply. The Hunuas range is due for 1080 poisoning..Our lawyer is fighting hard to stop this drop. Please help us Ban 1080.

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