Christine Blasey Heads Stanford’s CIA Internship Program

“The Left has gone stark raving mad!”

Dr. Christine Blasey heads Stanford University’s CIA Undergraduate Internship Program. She is accusing Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh of misconduct.

The Senate votes on Wednesday on whether or not Kavanaugh should be confirmed to serve as a Justice on the Supreme Court.

Dr. Blasey is listed as an affiliate at Stanford University in the Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences.

Last year, the following article appeared in her local newspaper, the Mercury News. It is copied and pasted here:

In the same hometown paper, a Letter to the Editor about Judge Kavanaugh was “PUBLISHED” on Sept. 19th, 2014. It was “UPDATED” four years later on Sept. 18, 2018.

It is linked here:

Christine Blasey’s brother used to work for the international law firm of Baker, Hostetler. The firm created Fusion GPS.

Baker Hostetler is located in the same building where the CIA operates three companies called Red Coats Inc., Admiral Security Services, and Datawatch,

They are operated by Ralph Blasey II. He is the father of Christine and Ralph III.

Christine and Ralph III’s grandfather was Nicholas Deak. Former CIA Director William Casey acknowledged Deak’s decades of service to the CIA. The story is linked here:

The Observer-Reporter, Washington, Pa., dated Nov. 19th, 1985, Page C-3.,3026309

Source: Brass Balls Blog


Kavanaugh Accuser Family CIA Black Budget Ops/Fusion GPS / Deep State Security Ties


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