4Chan Claimed They Catfished Michael Avenatti With Fake Kavanaugh Witness!!!

4Chan is claiming credit for pranking Porny Daniel’s scumbag lawyer Michael Avenatti with a fake Kavanaugh witness using a burner phone:

Here’s an easier version to read. Be warned, they give gross details in the claim:


One reason that so many on social media find his plausible is that Avenatti did make his Twitter account PRIVATE this morning. I noticed it myself. It’s been private all day.

The other reason people want to believe is, well, how awesome would it be for Avenatti to get pranked by 4chan on something like this!!!

Here’s what they’re saying on Twitter are saying about it :]

Entirely possible.

You can be sure Avenatti will never own up to being pranked. But with his Twitter account being private all day, it does make me wonder…

Ford conferring with her advisors, via Gab.

Source: The Right Scoop

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