4 thoughts on “Give Us Free – You Owe Us America!

  1. The Tactical Hermit

    See, when I look at the above picture I don’t see “Immigrants”, I see INVADERS. Our immigrant relatives who came to this country LEGALLY never sat around demanding things… They worked and built something out of nothing, all this bunch can build is mounds of trash from their “protest”, which our tax dollars go to clean up!

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  2. Glenda T. Goode

    The true concept of immigration into America ended in 1965 when the current laws were enacted by democrats to allow practically limitless immigration into our nation. Prior to 1965 immigration was controlled with a quota system and a required application process to weed out the undesirables before they even got here and to insure those who emigrated here assimilated into our society.

    The democrats are looking for any way to tear this nation apart as it was founded. The characteristics of the ‘Typical American’ were such as to reject the socialism that the democrats seek to establish where our republic currently stands. By watering down the electorate and flooding the polls with non ‘American’ citizens (second generation immigrants who have not adopted the values and customs of our society) who will vote for the party that gives them the most goodies; a.k.a. the democrats, they are gradually destroying the original founding of this nation as a free republic.

    Throughout Ayn Rand’s writings she points out the dangers of an all controlling socialistic society and the threats that these pose to a free society. Now, a couple of generations past her death we are seeing the exact same threats she referred to. It is more than obvious that the democrats are not supportive of the rule of law as established; that is unless it promotes their acquisition of power in government. If this is the case they double down on that law or regulation.

    To anyone who appreciates facts and an understanding of history, it is easy to see this caravan as what it actually is: a horde of prospective democratic voters. Additionally, the increase of another few thousand mouths to feed stresses the economics of our government further towards the societal collapse that the socialists dream of so they can re-create the USA as a socialist country.

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