2 thoughts on “NWO American Invasion Update

  1. Glenda T. Goode

    The democrats have gotten away with defining ‘compassion for way too long. In their world it is giving giving giving because they claim that is the ‘right thing to do for someone in need’. This masks the implications of creating a dependency class of citizens.

    Conservatives have always offered a hand up preferably over a hand out. When the situation merits, the conservative will provide a hand out. However, much like a good parent, the conservative also reminds the recipient that there are opportunities to utilize that will allow the needy person to help themselves. This represents work. Work is something appreciated by conservatives and misunderstood by democrats.

    The conspirators who are orchestrating the election and the caravans is bent on seizing power at the highest levels of government world wide. By manipulating the actions and situations throughout our hemisphere they are driving us towards socialism. I think in many ways, Europe never got over losing their colonies in North America. The European mantra is conformity. This dates back to the middle ages where the caste system kept people within their roles in society.

    Fast forward a few hundred years and while the system of aristocracy and monarchical reign is over, the same mentality exists among the gentry leadership. It is not about sharing the wealth and taking care of people. It has always been about control and power.

    George Soros got wealthy by using control and power. The former SS Soldier and Jewish collaborator should have been tried at Nuremberg but managed to hide his past long enough to avoid accounting for his sins. In any event anyone evil enough to scheme to kill Jews is evil enough to manipulate elections and nations. Add in other billionaire cronies and you see the cabal that wants to reform the world in some sort of socialist utopia; a sort of dysphoric future ‘failed society in the making’.

    We need to assert our rights and embrace our heritage by voting and driving the socialists from our shores. Send them back to Europe and let them continue destroying those nations therein; at least until (if ever) they see socialism for what it actually is (total control) and drive it from their shores as well.

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