Coventry School Fake News Incident Exposed


This is defamation. They should sue CNN into the stone age.
I read the students already have lawyers. Lawsuits are coming. 😂😂😂😂
Any leftist who harasses or makes any type of threat to a child needs to be dealt with for the safety of all children.
Thank you Tucker for exposing the sick adults on Twitter.
This is what Trump means by “enemy of the people”.
White America better wake up, because we are being demonized and silenced. And God help you if you’re a christian, pro life, and have morals.
I swear Tucker Carlson has been gifted from God … his ability to convey truth.
jeff clark
The only people being racist were the Black Hebrews.
Will G
The media and celebrities are guilty of inciting violence against these boys. The boys did absolutely nothing. They were attacked for being white and refusing to bow down to nonwhites who confronted them with insults and intimidation.Trump needs to arrest all of the media.
Darin Triplett
Keep in mind, if you see the full video, they are using racial slurs against the kids. How is “build a wall” anti Native American? The lefties attacked these kids because of their skin color and that’s what sane people call racism. To make the kids the bad guys in this narrative, you have to knowingly edit out the racism against them. This attack on these kids isn’t a mistake, it’s evil plain and simple.
Rebecca JJ
Tonight on Twitter, black posters are out in droves, saying these kids “deserved” what they got, are still racist because they are white, and should be KILLED. I’m reading it. All over Twitter. Just your average black folk out here tweeting this stuff. So… my understanding of minorities and their victim hood has just come to an end with this incident. After 8 years of Obama-crap & racism issues that were non-existent, and then after two years of anti-Trump hatred so unhinged it is bordering on civil war, this is my last straw. I simply no longer care about black poverty, unemployment, Native American crapola, or any other minority issue. And, I’ll never care about it again.


Covington MAGA Kids To Meet With Trump; Families Plan To Sue After MSM Witch Hunt Results In Death Threats



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