Art Of Trumping The Fake Border Security Bill

Pay very careful attention…

(Bond Robin) FYI – One of the constant practices under the National Emergencies Act is rejecting individual parts of Congressional Legislation that limit the Presidents Roll as Commander and Chief of the Armed Forces, or any aspect of his Executive duties as provided by the Constitution and body of law to protect the integrity and security of the Nation. Let me explain with an exaggerated example; in a huge funding bill like he just signed or inside any bill really, the Congress could pass a provision that says:

“The President is Blocked from taking any measures to stop the invasion of the South Western States by migrants, the President is hereby bound to honor said immigrants votes as citizens, the President cannot contest the succession of California, Arizona, New Mexico to form the new nation, Holy Hispanic Crapola.”

Now hear me. Under the Constitution (even without the National Emergencies Act) the president could sign the bill, place into effect all the provisions of the bill, but concerning the paragraph above he could write a signing statement saying,

“As, concerning Bill number xybullshite, the President will faithfully perform his duties under the U.S. Constitution and body of law, to protect our Borders, block illegal immigration and maintain the integrity of the United State of America, as to territory and population.”

This document would be called “A Signing Statement” and would be attached to the bill when the bill was signed and would actually become part of the law passed. The last bill Trump signed, where everyone is screaming that Trump caved, and they are reading parts of the bill that would totally tie the president’s hands concerning building the border wall in certain areas and would block him from transferring monies etc, those people are WRONG. When signing the Bill he also published a “Signing Statement.” They do not understand the force of that “Signing Statement” attached to the bill. (Actually, Registered that is published to the National Registry) In the speech announcing that he would sign the bill and sign a Declaration of Nation Emergency, he also said that he would “Publish something on the Registry.”

That’s the signing statement. Ann Coulter and all the rest screaming Trump Defeat are WRONG.

Fully detailed in the following video…

1 thought on “Art Of Trumping The Fake Border Security Bill

  1. Truthseeker

    Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, they all think there’s no crisis at border. Yep, no crisis here folks, nothing to see….keep watching keeping up with the kardashians that’s reality.

    Here’s how a lot of drugs are getting into the USA killing American citizens…Seeing is believing, unless you practice cognitive dissonance and don’t really care about the American people, of course like so many of these fake insane Democrats: Here’s reality folks..Here’s your US BORDER with no “crisis.” Just a small sample. Your welcome. Notice the back packs which are filled with drugs and weapons. No crisis here you road scholars:

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