WATCH: IRS Security Pulls Gun on Lucas County Sheriff’s Deputy For Having A Gun

An IRS security guard in Toledo, Ohio, faces charges after allegedly pulling his gun on a uniformed Lucas County Sheriff’s Deputy. Multiple reports claim the deputy refused to give up his gun, prompting the security officer to draw and aim his weapon.

Security footage captured the odd and potentially deadly scene as it unfolded on May 31 in the IRS office. Deputy Gaston entered the IRS office with questions about a letter he received from the IRS, according to That’s when the security guard, identified as 33-year-old Seth Eklund, intervened.

IRS Security Guard Draws Sidearm

Eklund allegedly asked Gaston to exit the premises to leave his gun in his vehicle, according to But Gaston said no. Footage shows Gaston shake his head, then calmly turn to leave. That’s when Eklund emerges from out of view, gun drawn, with a bead on the Sheriff’s Deputy.

“There’s really no way to know how you’re going to act when there’s a gun pointed at you and when you think you’re going to lose your life,” Gaston told WTVG,” reported

Footage shows Eklund follow Gaston out to the elevator, gun still drawn. There, with gun drawn, the security guard puts his hands on the deputy, attempting to take him into custody, according to reports. Gaston, a defensive tactics instructor, shows remarkable calm, simply walking away to help deescalate the situation.

“Asked if he had a message for Eklund, Gaston said, “‘I would say, ‘Clearly your training is lacking and the fact that you went from 0 to 100. Lethal force is unacceptable,’” reported 

Local Toledo Police eventually respond to the scene, responding to a 911 call reporting a man with a gun. However, the call failed to mention a uniformed officer, according to the video.

Gaston filed a civil suit against the security guard and the security company. It claims mental anguish and lost wages, according to

Source: Tactical Life

1 thought on “WATCH: IRS Security Pulls Gun on Lucas County Sheriff’s Deputy For Having A Gun

  1. Tacitus

    NO ONE CARRIES IN A FEDERAL FACILITY ( SUPREMACY CLAUSE). Mouthy Wakandan cop KNOWS that, IT”S POSTED EVERYWHERE. Should the rent-a-goon have drawn? – no – but we are watching edited video. Looks like lawsuit bait to me. Good luck homey. I’ve had my share of run ins with dusky gendarmes, they have no business with firearms, they belong in the fields.

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