Owner Of Business Destroyed By Homeless Pleads With CA Gov Newsom

Small business owner in downtown Sacramento, California’s state capital plead with Gov Newsom on Twitter to do something about out of control homeless street camping, street pooping and rampant crime…  

“I won’t stop , the gov of CA and his liberal ideology ruined my business.. I decided to close the doors today. I can’t do it anymore and I’m irate. Sincerely, a hard working self built self employed California business owner”

“I was broken into twice in the past 6 months”



1 thought on “Owner Of Business Destroyed By Homeless Pleads With CA Gov Newsom

  1. ZZ

    I live in Sacramento near downtown. There are homeless camps on every other block. The homeless are made up entirely of black and white people. I never see any other race living on the street. Most of the white homeless are twitchy and have a tendency to scream nonsense into the air. They appear to be either insane or on drugs. Most of the black homeless look and act sane, and they post themselves in front of nearly every store and ask people for spare change.

    The panhandlers seem harmless enough most of the time, but if you walk near a homeless camp, then you had better keep on walking. They get protective of the heap of stuff they stole from your neighbors, and don’t want you lingering around for even a moment. They may or may not follow you and yell at you. You also have to keep your eyes on the ground, so that you don’t step on their needles or feces. If you do look at them, then you may see one of them masterbating or shooting up.

    If you have a backyard with an unlocked gate, then you can expect that the homeless will get inside and go through your garbage cans. If you have a bicycle back there, then that’s getting stolen. If you don’t have stuff to steal in your backyard, then keep in mind that the homeless don’t know that until they check. You can’t leave your garage unattended with the door open for too long, or someone will definitely look through it.

    If you live in a multi-family building, then you and all of your neighbors need to keep the front door locked, especially in winter. Homeless will come inside the building to get warm. If one of your neighbors forgets to lock up, then you won’t know what situation you might be walking into when you come home. You just open the door and find out.

    If enough people call the police or the city to have a homeless camp removed, then the police will clear the camp out. However, the homeless will simply move down the street and build a new camp. Within a few weeks of the old camp being cleared out, a new one takes its place.

    We have two rivers that run through our city. Over the last couple of years especially the river banks have been filling up with homeless, scaring off wildlife. Coyotes are forced off the river banks and into neighborhoods. They look healthy and act confident around humans, and may eat your outdoor pets right in front of you in broad daylight.

    I work at a production facility in West Sacramento. On the production floor, there are roughly 130 employees. Five are white including myself. There are maybe 10-15 blacks, and the rest are from various Asian countries. Of my Asian co-workers, many have described themselves to me as illegal or here illegally. Yes they actually used the word illegal. I never here them say undocumented. The day after Trump won the election, some of my Asian co-workers, my supervisor included, began harassing me over who they felt I likely voted for. One of my Asian co-workers told me that the reason for the harassment was because “most of the people here are here illegally, and they are scared they will be deported.”

    Nepotism is rampant at the facility I work at. Whether you are good at your job, or struggle to get your job done, you can get your family hired as long as you have been with the company for a year or two. It doesn’t matter if your family currently lives in another country. If there is a spot available, and they can get over here, then they are hired.

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