5G LED Street Light ‘Weapon System’ Break Down

5G is Genocide…

Keep sounding the alarm bells with your community and friends about the dangers of 5G. In the video below, a UK citizen takes apart a device that is being installed in LED streetlights all over their country. We watched the video and offer you some insight in the Betsy and Thomas audio.

Now listen to B&T explain this technology further. Notice that you are viewing this video on the Tyla Gabriel Vimeo channel – https://vimeo.com/tylagabriel. Subscribe to the site if you would like to see what else Tyla is loading up. https://vimeo.com/373626731

The Globalists Are Openly Admitting To Their Population Control Agenda – And That’s A Bad Sign

People around the world continue to wake up to deadly technology. Here is Ed at Outer Light explaining that 5g in the future will be like living in “manipulation land”

Source: AIM 4 Truth

7 thoughts on “5G LED Street Light ‘Weapon System’ Break Down

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  2. Paul Bromyard

    I’m sorry but I just don’t see what the maker of this video is trying to say.Is he suggesting that Gateshead council a publicly ellected body is conspiring to commit genocide and they are going to achieve this by using the 5g control units on their new led streetlights? I think your boy’s got a screw loose.


    1. Bone Fish Post author

      Believing 5G and LED lighting erected on public streets cannot cause any harm to living beings is an easy position to take.

      However, what can it hurt to research if technologies such as these have the potential to be ‘silent weapons for quiet wars’ before they’re installed up and down your street?


          1. Paul

            For someone ie person or persons unknown to go to the time trouble and expense to do something like this for the reasons you suppose,they must have a motive.What would that be?



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