Little Ice Age Solar Science Nonsense Debunked & Explained

Multivariate Processes Are At Play…

The Little Ice Age Wasn’t Global, but Current Climate Change Is A comparison of the climates of the Medieval Climate Anomaly, Little Ice Age, and Current Warm Period reconstructed using coral records from the northern South China Sea GISP2 DATA (Scream It From The Rooftops!) ATLANTIC MULTI-DECADAL OSCILLATION (AMO) Pacific Decadal Oscillation Beaufort Gyre Milutin Milankovitch (1879-1958) New paper: The missing link between cosmic rays, clouds, and climate change on Earth Increased ionization supports growth of aerosols into cloud condensation nuclei The Maunder minimum and the Little Ice Age: an update from recent reconstructions and climate simulations Possible Causes For Climate Change Little Ice Age by Michael E Mann? WTF? Paintings, sunspots and frost fairs: Rethinking the Little Ice Age Little Ice Age GEOCHRONOLOGY

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