Welcome To The Flaming 2020’s

Forward Looking Infrared video (FLIR) shows U.S. Marines landing in MV-22B Osprey aircraft at The U.S. Embassy in Iraq as a crisis response force to protect it from ‘protesters’ during heightened tensions on December 31, 2019.

Approximately 100 Marines were deployed to protect the U. S. Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq after ‘protesters’ stormed the embassy gates trying to get inside the perimeter. The protests are in response to U.S. airstrikes on Iranian backed militia. The U.S. airstrikes were a response to earlier rocket attacks by the militia which killed an American contractor and injured several U.S. service members.

2 thoughts on “Welcome To The Flaming 2020’s

  1. Captain Witold Pilecki

    Definitely not a Benghazi redux. The CIC is a man who has our peoples backs, unlike the POS Kenyan that could not be concerned with securing an embassy under threat. The rules of engagement we have now WILL RESULT in a lot of dead jihadis, instead of dead Americans.

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