Full Chinese Hospitals: No Doctors, Nurses or Medicine

Wuhan Pneumonia “square cabin hospital environment is messy! Administrator: No doctor, no responsibility for accidents

(Real Time News) Wuhan pneumonia epidemic has spread. Wuhan authorities have requisitioned gyms, campuses and other facilities and set up a “square cabin hospital” to treat a large number of patients, but the beds are all placed together without compartments. Some patients took pictures and posted news that the sanitary environment in the hospital was very bad, and the coughing sounds began to fall. Even the hospital administrator said clearly at the entrance of the hospital that there was no doctor in the square cabin hospital. “This is not a hospital. There is nothing wrong with the patient. People are responsible. “

A Chinese netizen broke the news on Weibo. After his relatives and friends were diagnosed with Wuhan pneumonia, he was taken to Wuhan Fangcai Hospital. “The environment here is very poor.” “1,000 people share a toilet, and no one cleans it. Outside the pit. “It was also revealed that the hospital did not see any doctors or nurses giving out medicines, or even oxygen cylinders. The patients coughed one after another, bluntly that the environment was quite unsuitable for medical treatment, but the account was blocked by Weibo afterwards.

In addition, a video was circulated on the Internet. Some netizens took pictures of the administrators of the cabin hospital below to warn the public that the square cabin hospital is not a hospital at all, but a quarantine point because there are no medical facilities. The hospital does not accept people with severe illnesses and people who cannot take care of themselves. ; The patient cannot come out when he enters; if something happens to the patient unfortunately, “no one is responsible, and we cannot afford this responsibility.”

There are also family members of patients asking what to do if his mother needs medicine and injections, and the administrator responds that there is no way, because there is no medical equipment in the hospital, and in the end he bluntly said that if he can’t accept the rule of no entry, You still go home and isolate. “

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Source: https://news.ltn.com.tw/news/world/breakingnews/3061860

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