Did Dr. Fauci Know About Covid-19 Hitting California Back In the Fall 2019?

This is Dr. Fauci speaking at a forum in 2017

How did Dr. Fauci know there was going to be a surprise outbreak in 2017? I guess it wasn’t a surprise to him.

At present New York, which s half the population of California, has 8,650 Covid-19 deaths.  California only has 634.  Social lockdown doesn’t explain the disparity. 

So, researchers at Stanford are theorizing that California was exposed to Covid-19 back in the Fall.  

Here’s my question:

Why didn’t Dr. Fauci or the CDC know about what was happening in California? Isn’t their jobs to know about infectious diseases coming into the country?

Again, how does Dr. Fauci know about a surprise outbreak in 2017?

Or maybe they did know all along and give Trump the bad advice to shut the country down?

Like I’ve explained before, deaths that are occurring in the United States are being counted as Covid-19 deaths regardless of underlying conditions. That skews the death count because 7,642 die in the U.S. every day from all causes under the Sum (heart disease, cancer, diabetes…)

This is why our death count is significantly more higher than any of the eight most populated countries in the world. 16 million jobs are lost and it’s going to go higher. These questions need answers right now!

Source: The Last Tradition

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