Why Does New Microsoft Ad Feature Famous ‘Spirit Cooking’ Witch Marina Abramovic?

Tech giant taps elite-connected black magic performer to unveil next-generation virtual reality hardware

Update: Microsoft’s advertisement has been removed from YouTube after receiving swift online backlash. Infowars has reached out for comment and will post a reply if given. The video amassed approximately 25,000 thumbs down votes and only 626 thumbs up votes by the time it was removed.

Original article appears below with an archived copy of the ad:

A new Microsoft commercial promoting its premiere virtual reality headgear featured the queen of occult symbolism and Spirit Cooking priestess known as Marina Abramovic.

In the visually unsettling ad showcasing the Hololens 2 “mixed reality” device, Abramovich explains why the new tech appeals to her dark tastes.


“I believe that art of the future is art without objects. It’s just pure transmission of energy between the viewer and the artist,” Abramovic says.

“To me, mixed reality is this answer.”

Microsoft goes on to praise the “legendary artist’s” new “mixed reality” artwork using the Hololens 2 called “The Life.”

The performance art features the black magic practitioner suddenly appearing like an apparition in the virtual realm donned in a red robe.

“I really want you to be here with me in the space and here now,” Abramovic says. “The life is dealing with what is going to stay after I’m not there anymore, and I can face myself, and this frightening experience.”

“Really like you’re facing your own ghost, but it is always this greater idea of immortality. Once you die the work could never die because the work of art can continue.”

“In performance, the peace is only in the memory of the audience and nowhere else,” she concludes. “Here I am kept forever.”

Abramovic, 73, is a well-known figure among certain political and entertainment circles.

Former Clinton manager John Podesta’s emails released by WikiLeaks in 2016 revealed Abramovic held Satanic ceremonies known as “Spirit Cooking” with the Clinton operatives and other elites.

The video above depicts the bizarre nature of the ceremony. Abramovic mixes together thickly congealed blood as the “recipe” for the “painting,” which is comprised of the words, “With a sharp knife cut deeply into the middle finger of your left hand eat the pain.”

The ceremony is, “meant to symbolize the union between the microcosm, Man, and the macrocosm, the Divine, which is a representation of one of the prime maxims in Hermeticism “As Above, So Below.”

Would a tech company really want a Luciferian individual like her to be the face of their new “mixed reality” device because of her “art”?

The new documentary Out of Shadows details more about Abramovic and her Hollywood/political ties, as well as the CIA’s role in the entertainment and news industry:

Source: Jamie White | Infowars

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