Come Out Of Her My People

What don’t most liberals realize?

Confession: I am a millennial. I used to be a liberal.

Not a flame war, ultra cancel white people, kill all of the police and burn down our city liberal but a socially responsible, lets help the poor and someone has to pay for social security type. I believed in the everyone do your own thing within reason idea.

That was during the Bush sequel. Then Obama happened.

I lost my job with insurance. I got another making less. No insurance. It was cheaper to pay the penalty than buy Obamacare on the exchange.

I made OK money but didn’t have cable, the internet or a smart phone. My car was OK. Nothing special but it was paid for. It was old though.

You could actually buy a car that ran and passed inspection for under $500. Sure, it was probably older than you but it worked. They were actually fairly easy to find. Then cash for clunkers came.

They bought old cars that were still serviceable, poured liquid glass in the engines and seized them. Often times they bought them for more than they were worth. With tax dollars.

If you are wondering why you can’t really find a cheap used car and what happened to all of the “old reliable” cars that were around it was cash for clunkers.

At one point a guy moved into my building who was on disability because he weighed over 400 pounds. He used to brag that half of his rent, all of his utilities and most of his food was paid for by the government. He also qualified for a free flip phone and service.

I didn’t get any of that. I didn’t qualify. He lived a better life not working than I did and I worked 2 jobs.

I heard all of this talk about raising taxes on the rich. I looked at my neighbor, myself and the guy saying those things and started to turn my back. I don’t care about the rich. I saw where my money was going and I wasn’t happy about it.

Fast forward to Hillary and Bernie. Hillary wanted to double down and the burn wanted go go all in. I had my fuck that moment. I dug a hole and buried all of the liberal bullshit in it.

Never. Again.

Then came Hillary’s basket of deplorables comment. I revisited the grave and pissed on it.

Since then they have only given me more opportunities to urinate on the corpse that was their hope to get me as a supporter.

Not a flame war, ultra cancel white people, kill all of the police and burn down our city liberal

If you know anyone who lost last time those people cost the election and I expect it is going to be worse next time, not better.

Actually, I would say don’t waste your time. If they ever realized it they wouldn’t care. It’s not like there weren’t plenty of us who didn’t try telling them when there was still time.


I wish I had found this video before. It sums up my points entirely. It points out that I was a liberal not a leftist. Since the Left hijacked liberalism I have matured into a libertarian.

Source: by Jason Johnson | Quora

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