The Deadliest Virus Known To Mankind: Communism

What is the deadliest thing mankind has ever encountered in history? Disease, famine, nuclear weapons? Not even close. By sheer body count, it’s an idea. One that thrives on absolute power and control, and will stop at nothing to achieve complete domination.

This is the story of the deadliest virus in the world, COMMUNISM. You can’t kill an idea, but ideas can kill you. We must fight this virus to survive.

1 thought on “The Deadliest Virus Known To Mankind: Communism

  1. 6solfreQ

    pull up skirts and dust off your rifles, we gotta a fight to go loose…..thanks america, tell me again how me not wearing mask somehow is my job to keep you what? safe., oh like yall did the communism, ,who invites communist to live here and go to our schools. who thinks people from suppressed countries know how to acklimate to freedom……you aint showing nothing except how spoilt and trusting americans are and thats a take away from suppression on what not to do…so the imigration didnt help us. , the we are the world kumbye yah stole the vasoline , while every one was black friday zombies…..buyin the enemies crap…. they hatched a bunch hillaries and nancies, now we gotta bunch of shciffs good job …folks…..too late, they here, . yea, not a fan of communism…but i did like the egg rolls…. mexico, yall got egg rolls.?



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