WATCH: Tons Of Gunshots Heard In Toronto Neighbourhood As Gang Violence Continues

It’s almost as if going after law-abiding gun owners and giving gangs a free pass isn’t working…

John Howard Tory, current mayor of Toronto since December 1, 2014

Cities like Toronto run by politically-correct ‘leaders’ are becoming increasingly dangerous and violent.

Gang crime continues to run rampant in Toronto, with the city outpacing their shooting deaths from last year – which was in itself the most violent year in a long-time.

Yet, amid the rampant gang crime, the corrupt politicians continue their insane focus on law-abiding gun owners, directing resources and attention away from the actual source of crime.

The latest example of the rampant violence in Toronto is a video going around showing someone outside, hearing a whole bunch of shots being fired:

As Tracey Wilson said on Twitter, this is literally insane:

“This is insane. Literally. These aren’t IPSC sport shooters or hunters, everyone knows it. How can the anti gun lobbyists and the Liberals pat themselves on the back for their lack of action on real crime and violence”

Politicians like John Tory and Justin Trudeau are trying to take guns away from law-abiding Canadian gun owners, while gang crime surges out of control.

It’s like living in the Twilight Zone. Everything is upside down. Nothing is as it seems. Our ‘leaders’ have abandoned their duty, and are turning all their attention and power on good People, while criminals get to act with impunity.

As long as these insane leaders remain in power, things will get more and more dangerous in our country.

Source: Spencer Fernando Blog

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