Canada Prepares To Build Network Of Internment Camps

Just when you thought 2020 couldn’t possibly get any weirder…

Get this: Coronavirus internment camps on Canadian soil. Sounds impossible, but believe it or not, there’s a federal request for proposals (RFP) to construct them.

So if their intended existence is clear as day, the question then becomes: just who is destined to reside in these camps?

Ontario MPP Randy Hillier (Lamarck-Frontenac-Kingston) raised this issue during question period in the Ontario legislature a few days ago. He received strange, evasive answers, and some of his questions were just flat-out ignored. We have the video to prove it.

Just what are Justin Trudeau’s Liberals up to this time? And why is the Doug Ford Progressive Conservative government so reluctant to offer answers?

Surely the provinces and territories were consulted on such a massive undertaking… right?

The lack of answers aren’t just concerning, they’re disturbing. The hallmark of any democracy is transparency and the only thing crystal clear about this story is that everything is still firmly in the shadows.

Source: by David Menzies : Rebel News

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