CORN SHORTAGE: Grand Solar Minimum Kills Crops (New Study)


The media is blaming shortages of corn on the virus, but both common sense and a new study out of Canada attribute massive crop losses to the fact that our sun is dropping into a modern Grand Solar Minimum. It is this that is driving the timeline for totalitarian takeover and lock downs, even when it seems less than ideal — the technocrats have aggressive deadlines: The food is running out. Governments are competing against us for available food. Spread the word and start growing for you and yours today.

Research article
Is Diminishing Solar Activity Detrimental to Canadian Prairie Agriculture?
Ray Garnett, Madhav Khandekar and Rupinder Kaur

Here’s why canned corn might be tough to find at supermarkets

Report: Iowa’s derecho crop losses increase by more than 50%

China’s corn output to fall after typhoons flatten crops, damage quality

Moldy Corn Found: Chinese Grain Stockpiler

‘Like we’re going into quarantine’: Americans plan to stockpile food this fall over fears of COVID-19 surge, election unrest

Grocers Stockpile, Build ‘Pandemic Pallets’ Ahead of Winter

Interview: Food banks stock up ahead of possible second wave of COVID-19

Growing Degree Days tool:

1 thought on “CORN SHORTAGE: Grand Solar Minimum Kills Crops (New Study)

  1. Gleason Long

    Well it ain’t true here in Arizona. Last two years have been DRY (No Monsoon Season), and REALLY HOT. We went up scouting today for our deer Hunt. We drove all over the designated area and only saw 4 water holes out of 12 that had water. The Critters are all Slammed. Going to be a tough hunt. There were 750 tags issued via a Game and Fish Draw Lottery for this particular area. There isn’t even half that many deer. We drove almost 80 miles on rough dusty dirt roads today for 7hours, and only saw 9 scruffy emaciated does all day. Of course, the hunt is for Any Antlered deer, don’t cha know. Hard times for the game too. Another Government Money making Hoax



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