Was Website Listing Trump Supporters And Their Home Addresses Put Up By The CCP?

(Chris Elliot) Is there a website that is designed to stalk and harass supporters of President Donald Trump? 

The Gateway pundit believes so, and they have revealed shocking information that should make anyone concerned.

A website, known as DonaldTrump.watch has been launched which purportedly will name any person that has donated to President Trump’s reelection campaign.  There are some, including the Gateway Pundit, that believe that this website is controlled by the Chinese. 

If it is, it goes as further evidence as to what President Trump has been saying; the Chinese want current Democratic Presidential Nominee, Joe Biden, to win the election.

The website claims that it can identify, either by name or address, any person who has made a financial contribution to President Trump’s reelection campaign.  They claim that they do this in order to identify “Americans who Give Money to Support a Racist.”

While this information is publicly available, it should be concerning that radicals could use this information to target President Trump supporters so easily.  Imagine, if people from Antifa see this information and what they would do.

It Begins – Representative Ocasio-Cortez Requests Immediate Enemies List for Targeting After Biden Takes Office…

After all, they tend to target anyone that thinks differently from them.  Now, they have an easy way to identify those that support law and civility as opposed to anarchy.

Jim Hoft, who allegedly was able to identify where the website came from, said:

“We looked up the registering company Dynadot LLC.  It was a small company in San Mateo California and now has two Chinese offices and a Toronto Canada office.  The only reason for calling Trump a racist and doxing his supporters on-line is to let BLM [Black Lives Matter] and ANTIFA known where we live.”

Lara Logan, also concerned about the site, tweeted:

“Take a look – this is a dynamic searchable database of everyone who has donated to the Trump campaign from 2016 to today – how much they gave, first/last names, addresses and pinpoint their location on a map.”

Another person, Kenny Webster, tweeted:

“This is what fascism looks like.  The left made a searchable database & geographic map using FEC data to track down all the Trump supporters and harass them in their homes.”

Even though the information is available from the FEC, it is troubling that there is a website like this dedicated just to inform everyone who donated money to President Trump.  After all, there is no such website that easily provides information on who has provided money to Joe Biden, or any other democrat for that matter. 

Which begs the question, why?

The site claims it is in existence because they allege President Trump is a racist. However, like every other news source, they can’t even give one example of how he is.

The only logical reason for a website like this to be in existence is so that people who hate President Trump can easily identify people who have views differently than they do.  And those same people, at best, can harass President Trump supporters.

At worst, they can harm to them at their residences.

Thankfully, there does not seem to be many people that have fallen victim from any group that has used this site to identify President Trump supporters.  That does not mean that it will not happen.

One question that everyone should be asking: who truly owns this website and what is their intent with it? 

If it is the Chinese, as Hoft suggests, it would go to show that that country does not support President Trump.  If that is true, do they support Biden because of the allegations of bribes to his family or because the President has taken such a hard stance against them?

FBI investigates threatening letters sent to Trump supporters: “Your house has been added to our database as a target..”

October 23, 2020

NEW HAMPSHIRE – With as contentious as the lead up to the November election has been going, it is with little shock that various forms of alleged instances of intimidation and threats against people holding certain political leanings are occurring.

Reportedly, at least three people from Milford and two people from Brookline within the state of New Hampshire have received threatening letters due to their support for President Donald Trump.

Both the FBI and the U.S. Postal Inspector are working with local authorities in New Hampshire to look into where these letters came from. One of the recipients of these letters, only identified as Kelly, recalled her reaction upon receiving one of these letters on October 17th:

“I just stood there kind of in a state of shock like, ‘Holy Mary, mother of God, I got one’…It was a tri-folded piece of paper and it had tape on it.”

An excerpt from the letter received on October 17th reads as follows:

“Your address has been added into our database as a target for when we attack should Trump not concede the election. We recommend that you check your home insurance policy and make [sure] that it is correct and that it has adequate coverage for fire damage.”

Apparently, Kelly being a supporter of President Trump is no big secret. She even described her front yard as being “Trumped out,” and remarked on how she’s previously dealt with minor incidents like stolen flags or yard signs.

But this incident is more than just another yard sign stolen, Kelly says this is a whole different level of politically inspired ire:

“You’ve infringed on my personal life now. You’re not just attacking my party or who I represent but you’re attacking my home, my family, you’re threatening me with burning down my house.”

While some may speculate that this could perhaps be some ill-thought prank of sorts, Milford Police Captain Craig Frye is taking this situation very seriously:

“It is very disturbing. It’s very serious. That’s why you have all these agencies involved.”

Lori McCallister with the U.S. Postal Inspector’s Office stated that they’re currently in the process of analyzing the letters to see what can be learned of their origins and creator(s):

“We have sent the letters to our laboratory in Dulles, Virginia for further examination of those letters.”

While it is painfully obvious that these letters were directed toward those who support the current president, Captain Frye is also not immediately saying that this is proof-positive that the person or persons behind this are Joe Biden supporters:

“We are trying to figure out who actually sent the letters, if they are in relationship to Trump supporters at this point. That’s not to say who actually sent them or if it’s political in nature.”

Chief Bill Quigley from the Brookline Police Department was frankly “shocked” that anyone would be so bold to send out a letter such as that:

“I was kind of quite shocked that anyone would send a letter out with that type of threat.”

The BPD chief said that there’s more than just state level charges that can be levied against whoever is responsible for these letters – but also federal charges considering the fact that they were sent in the mail:

“Not only with us, with criminal threatening. It’s on a felony level, because of the threat of burning homes down and causing injury, but it could also be with the postal inspectors, something on the federal level.”

Whether there’s merit to the threats written on these letters, or if it’s some horrible prank with felonious consequences, the effect it’s having on Kelly is very real:

“I’m always looking out the window now. The dog is always at the door.”

The woman said that her and her husband have recently installed security cameras outside of their home and have been asking neighbors to be on the lookout for suspicious activity:

“I believe in my First Amendment right. I believe in my Second Amendment right and I believe in my police station that’s local. I feel like they’re watching out.”

What is known about the letters so far is that they’re all bearing postmarks from Manchester – but the Postal Inspector’s Office stated that just because they bear said postmark, it doesn’t mean that’s where they were mailed from.

This investigation is ongoing. 

Source: by Chris Elliot | Law Enforcement Today

3 thoughts on “Was Website Listing Trump Supporters And Their Home Addresses Put Up By The CCP?

  1. A Landmesser

    Looks like we need to import the Brazilian and Argentine squads that took care of vermin like these. Personally I think the senders of these should have their photos and adresses posted along with identifying photos. Maybe they ought to check their insurance.

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