National Truck Driver Strike Begins November 29th: “Day We Take Our Country Back”

To protest against coronavirus lock down measures and fraudulent elections.

Viral videos are being posted to social media featuring truckers in the United States discussing the possibility of a nationwide strike on November 29th in protest against coronavirus lock down measures and the election.

“As of now the word is November 29th,” states one trucker. “November 29th, we park and we don’t move…November 29th is the day we take this country back. Spread the word. It’s our time. We say what happens,” he adds, before warning, “Shit’s about to get real.”

Tens of thousands of truck drivers #StopTheTires on Veteran’s Day

A second video features another trucker outlining the reasons for the strike – coronavirus lockdown measures that have unfairly impacted drivers as well as the outcome of the presidential election.

The individual, who goes by the handle @brickpaad on TikTok, says that at one time truckers were considered to be important because they ensured people received toilet paper and gas to heat their homes.

“We’ve been out here in the middle of this pandemic this whole time bringing you shit and how do you thank us?” he asks.

“You close down the restaurants that we eat at…then you close down our rest stops. Now in Wyoming they’re talking about not even plowing the highways this winter because they can’t afford it,” he adds.

“And to top it all off, 70 million of you guys voted against the trucking industry, against first responders, against oil and gas – we ain’t gonna forget this shit, you already have but we won’t.”

A separate report from The Counter details how more than 100 truck drivers in New York “are threatening to strike and shut down supply chains to Whole Foods and Stop & Shop supermarkets in the tri-state area.”

“The drivers say that their employer, the grocery distributor United Natural Foods, better known as UNFI, hasn’t been giving them basic PPE nor have they disinfected their trucks in months,” states the report.

Source: by Paul Joseph Watson | Summit News


A Trucker Strike in November Could Be Another Nail in the Supply Chain Coffin

35 thoughts on “National Truck Driver Strike Begins November 29th: “Day We Take Our Country Back”

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  2. Randy

    Without an ethical media to report all sides of a story, honest hard working Americans have no outlet to have their voices heard. Social media is censored, politicians allowed leftists to burn down our country, engage in illegal practices to steal an election. I’m proud of and stand by the truckers!

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  3. edwards family


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  4. vickie

    go truckers go we stand behind you all the way everything is getting out of hand with the pandemic, the BLM, and the crooked election, trump should of been re elected president.

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  5. James

    Great comments on the right of the page. It will take courage to do this. I pray everyone follows through. There are far more of us than of them and they know it. But don’t get suckered into thinking Trump is your savior. Trump has allowed this to go on as long as it has. He has given that little murderous worm Fauci a platform. He could have fired him months ago. He has done NOTHING. Trump has set things up for the Military to deliver this RNA/DNA modifying vaccine, and is now out talking about how wonderful it is. He isn’t NO friend of Liberty or the Constitution. This fake election “crises” is 2 wings of the same bird and it is all political theater to keep “the children” occupied and fighting as they move millions of PCR Tests to strategic locations, with vaccines to shortly follow. I predict Trump “wins” through the Supreme Court, the Communists then are unleashed on the populace, The Government will attempt to hard lock down all of us to destroy what is left of the economy and then put us all on Universal Basic Income, as they roll out digital currency and even more massive surveillance than we currently have. It is up to all of us individually and collectively to stand against tyranny. We are at this very moment Nazi Germany in the mid-thirties times a million because of technology and their ability to use it against us. If we consent, that logo with the boot on the face is exactly what is at the door.

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    1. Brutus

      How God Destroys Nations
      5 sermon series
      Links to others on down after you bring this one up.
      More at


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    2. Edward H. R. Green

      This is correct. The USA is no longer a constitutional republic as the founders intended it to be, and it does not have anything close to a laissez-faire capitalist economy. The country is a mixed economy welfare state, a mixture of fascism and socialism, which are two of the three expressions of Statism (the third one being communism). Statism is based upon the denial of legitimate individual rights (self-ownership; personal liberty; privecy; peacefully-acquired private property regardless of type and quantity; self-defense; keeping and bearing of any type and quantity of firearms and other weapons; freedom of conscience and speech; freedom of association; freedom of non-association (peaceful discrimination/exclusion from one’s life and property, including one’s business property, for any reason whatsoever, including bigoted reasons); and freedom of contract. Democrats and Republicans are two sides of the same Statist coin. Democrats are Statists who lean to the left (towards socialism/communism); Republicans are Statists who lean to the right (towards Fascism). Trump’s political philosophy is basically that of a 1990s New York City Democrat and a Fascist. He is by far no principled advocate and defender of legitimate individual rights; he is no advocate of a laissez-faire capitalist economy. As POTUS he cannot stop the shutdowns and lock-downs that governors and mayors have imposed in their states–and he hasn’t publicly condemned them. His silence implies his consent because fascists would do the same thing ! So what do you do ? Go on strike ! Go Galt ! But not against the Democrats, not in defense of Trump and the Republicans, but against Statism, and in defense of your legitimate individual rights !


  6. JC

    Well.. I agree with the foundational right to protest. Without it, we accomplish nothing, especially as the outright fraud of voting becomes more apparent.

    However, look into the “Dark Winter” projects… All Roads Lead to Dark Winter. Collapsing food chain, shortages nationwide, civil unrest, riots, and Martial Law.

    The trucks stop moving, how many people starve?

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    1. Bone Fish Post author

      A first in history rapid coordinated global shutdown after COVID-19 hit the scene in January was our last wake up call to start prepping and maintain readiness.

      America has been at war Since June, when our betters announced a pending global ‘green new deal’, ‘great reset’ has been set in motion.

      All wars are wars of attrition. Prepare for great sacrifice to win.

      TINVOWOOT, (there is no voting our way out of this)
      – No one is coming to save us
      – Everything is your responsibility
      – We’re screwed until their parasitic system goes away
      – Get harder than all the problems
      – There’s gonna be a fight
      – Kill who needs to be killed
      – Save who needs to be saved
      – Let’s WIN!
      – Screw everyone who stood by and watched
      – Always be working


    2. Tanya

      None, if they are prepared and Trump gets a fair shake. Many, if socialism becomes the norm. Meaningful protest now, or submission and long term suffering later. Take your pick

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    1. Edward H. R. Green

      Newsflash, Tanya.

      ALL productive workers are essential workers. ALL businesses are essential businesses. Government operators have no legitimate business, much less any legitimate right, to dictate what business is “essential” and what business is “non-essential”. That is a false distinction. Do not fall for it !


  7. Lila R

    This immigrant supports you. The media just spat in the face of the ordinary man and looted the voter. Any pain resulting from a trucker strike or a more general strike is on the heads of the Democrat party and the international communists behind it.
    God Bless America.

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  8. Brennan

    If you follow through with this, you all are my heroes. 1000% support this – if BLM could “peacefully protest” without masks in close proximity to one another, while churches are shut down – hit them where it hurts.

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  10. notone75

    Truckers YOU guys are ABSOLUTELY right in doing THIS!! The left has gotten too BIG for its britches!!! So to speak. TRUMP is a VERY GOOD MAN. Whom has honestly already won the election the night of. I support him and You guys a 1000 % The Democrats want New World Communist Order and WE Patriots can’t ALLOW that!!! So even though we ALL temporarily suffer for this cause /protest , It HAS to happen!!! Thanks again!!! Live free or Die 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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  11. Norteno

    100% agree with your frustration and support you all (truckers) and others across this great nation. However, stopping the wheels/ this type of a strike will do absolutely nothing to the predator class, it will only hurt the average American family and people who are already suffering terribly. It would cause chaos and the only ones it would hurt would be the vast majority of people in the US; hardworking Americans and our families and towns. Please reconsider, let’s find a way to unite against the true tyranny and injustice; the ruling/predator class.



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