Treasonous Democrats Groom Useful Idiots For Violent Revolution After They Lose In Court

(L. Todd Wood) Judging by the ridiculous propaganda the Left is promoting, literally making up political offices that don’t exist, in order to facilitate their corrupt power-grabbing, treasonous narrative, they must know they will lose in court as their massive fraud is exposed.

The evidence is coming, slowly being released, like a thousand cuts that will kill them dead. In their view, if Trump is inaugurated, they all hang, as they should. This is the most brazen fraud ever perpetrated against the American people. They are literally trying to steal the office of the leader of the free world. It is treason, and yes, we used to hang people for that. Major John Andre during the American revolution comes to mind. This communist cabal knows they are going to lose in court. The evidence is just too overwhelming.

The strategy all along has been to buy enough time after the steal in order to convince enough low-information voters that Biden won, hence laying the ground work for a violent revolution when Trump is eventually put back legally into office.

Remember the pre-election mantra of ‘Trump will have to be dragged from The White House?” Or, the Governor Wolf of Pennsylvania, “I’m sure after ALL the votes are counted Biden will win?” Hence the pressure being put on the GSA to approve the ‘transition’, before anyone is legally certified to have won the election.

Yes, it is treason.

This seditious, corrupt cabal has underestimated patriotic Americans once and for all.

They will pay a terrible price.

Source: by L. Todd wood | CD Media

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