CA Gov Newsom Announces New COVID1984 Lockdown Order – Punishes Conservative Orange County with Most Restrictive Tier – POSSIBLE STATEWIDE CURFEW

(Christina Laila) California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) on Monday afternoon announced a new authoritarian Covid1984 lockdown order.

Newsom doesn’t even follow his own Covid orders. He was recently caught attending a birthday party for one of his political advisors with people from different households.

The Democrat tyrant punished the conservatives in Orange County by moving it into the most restrictive tier which will close indoor dining, gyms etc.

Orange County just flipped two congressional seats red so Newsom responded by crushing small businesses and terrorizing the residents.

40/58 California counties just moved backwards and fell “multiple tiers.”

California has 4 different Covid tiers based on daily new “cases.”

Purple is the most restrictive tier where nearly all indoor businesses are closed and yellow is the least restrictive.

At any moment, Newsom can move a county into a different tier and completely destroy its businesses.

Every single county in Southern California (including OC) is now in the most restrictive “purple” tier.

Orange County has a population of more than 3.2 million people and has recorded a total of 1,526 Covid deaths in the last 8 months.

Gavin Newsom is also considering implementing an illegal statewide curfew.

And where is Newsom looking to for guidance? Saudi Arabia.

That’s right. Not the US Constitution. Saudi Arabia.

Newsom says he is looking at studies from other countries about curfews including France and Saudi Arabia.

Source: by Christina Laila | The Gateway Pundit

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