David Martin PhD – Evidence COVID + Vax Was Planned & Patented Years In Advance


The idea is mailing this to governors, attny generals, federal judges, legislators and the like will make them co-conspirators if they do nothing after receiving this from the general public, over and over again until they simply can no longer ignore these SERIOUS crimes.   

* SHARE * Clear Evidence Of Premeditated Biological Warfare *

– There is NO SARS Coronavirus 2
– There Is A Bioweapon Paid For By Anthony Fauci In 1999
– This Bioweapon Was Engineered To Destory Humanity
– There is NO Covid-19
– There is NO “Vaccine”
– Clear Evidence Of 5 Premeditated Felonies

David Martin


Dr. David Martin: Covid Vaccine mRNA Code Developed Via Digital Simulation Makes It A BIOWEAPON

Dr. David Martin: Extensive, Irrefutable Evidence SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) Isn’t Novel or Zoonotic

Evidence Of Children Being Mass Murdered By COVID Jab Must End Emergency Mandate

6 thoughts on “David Martin PhD – Evidence COVID + Vax Was Planned & Patented Years In Advance

  1. Arrow

    Excellent Presentation and I knew it was out there but was really hard to find. I am looking at the Fauci Dossier now. I will be sending a packet to my state Attorney General and the Governor. In fact I think I will send it out to the Attorney Generals of several states. Thank you.

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