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RAW VIDEO: Looting in Wilmington after Hurricane Florence

What do all these people have in common?


Liberal Ouroboros

“All my friends are brown and red.”-Soundgarden, “Spoonman”

We are relentlessly told that white men are the problem, the “cancer of human history” to quote the Jewess Susan Sontag, but are they really? Are they the ones committing 52.5% of the homicides despite being just 13% of the population? Are they the ones spreading infectious diseases and bleeding the welfare state dry? Are they the ones running people over on bike paths and detonating nail bombs outside of pop concerts?

According to the FBI Uniform Crime statistics, with whites at a “control” of one anti-gay hate crime, the relative per-capita offending numbers for Hispanics are 5.08, and for blacks, 10.04. What this means is that Hispanics are five times more likely, and blacks ten times more likely, than whites to commit anti-gay hate crimes; given that Arab Moslems are classified as white, I can guarantee the numbers are probably much lower for whites than even that, meaning Hispanics and blacks commit those crimes at an even greater disproportion (and this is before considering Hispanics are often also classed as white). Regarding anti-transgender hate crimes, Hispanics are over fourteen times more likely than whites to commit such acts, and blacks are over forty-nine times more likely than whites to commit anti-transgender hate crimes. Remember, 70% of blacks voted for Proposition 8, and a majority of Hispanics did. In the aftermath of its passing, it was absolutely hilarious to watch outlets like The Atlantic and The Huffington Post twist themselves into knots trying to explain away why their pets didn’t vote the way they were expected to.

And of course the ungrateful blacks have of late been lashing out at the Jews who so generously set up and ran the NAACP for them as a cudgel against whites (recall Marcus Garvey stormed out of their offices because the leadership was “all Jews”); Ben “The Holy Grail” (because he’s a black Jew) Faulding wrote for Forward:

A recent controversy involving anti-Semitic firebrand Louis Farrakhan and leaders of the Women’s March has revealed a perplexing division. Last week, Women’s March organizer Tamika Mallory came under fire for attending an event led by Nation of Islam’s Louis Farrakhan and later posing for a photo with him. In true fashion, Farrakhan made several anti-Semitic statements during the speech, which Mallory did not repudiate. When she came under fire for her associations, she wrote a rather problematic tweet, which didn’t help her case: “If your leader does not have the same enemies as Jesus, they may not be THE leader! Study the Bible and you will find the similarities. Ostracizing, ridicule, and rejection is a painful part of the process…but faith is the substance of things!”[1]

Oddly enough, another of the Women’s March’s principle organizers is sharia proponent Linda Sarsour, who as a Moslem presumably is also an “enemy of Jesus”? Would not Farrakhan, also a Moslem, fall under the same category? What about March-approved Minnesota Congressional candidate Ilhan Omar, another noted “anti-Semite”? The Women’s March’s “unity principles” are: ending violence (75% of all global armed conflicts involve Islam), reproductive rights, LGBTQIA Rights,[2] Worker’s Rights (like wage-depressing open borders, or a $15 minimum wage which drives automation and the loss of even shitty service jobs), Civil Rights (such as the unconstitutional Affirmative Action and free college), Disability Rights, Immigrant Rights (read: no borders), and Environmental Justice (ignoring environmental degradation as a consequence of open borders and the importation of people who do not value conservation). They’ve also stated that, “Anti-Semitism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, racism and white supremacy are and always will be indefensible.” All I have to say regarding the first three items in that list: Islam. “Transphobia,” see above. Racism is now a meaningless term, and “white supremacy” exists seemingly everywhere because America is a white-majority country that was founded by whites for whites, or FUBU (For Us, By Us).

After Starbucks announced it would shut down for a day in May to indoctrinate its employees about “racism” or something following the Rosa Parks Two “incident,” Linda Sarsour took issue with one of the organizations conducting the anti-bias training:

Starbucks almost had me on their anti-bias training for all employees UNTIL I heard the ADL was enlisted as one of the organizations to build their anti-bias curriculum. An anti-Arab, anti-Palestinian organization that peddles Islamophobia and attacks America’s prominent Muslim organizations and activists and supports/sponsors US law enforcement agents to travel and get trained by Israeli military.

Trouble in paradise for the J-Left? Thanks for demographically transforming the United States beyond all recognition, Jews, but we’ll take it from here!

It seems cucked white women are also obsolete in the new coalition; Melissa Harris-Perry, writing for Elle magazine notes that, “The Women’s March has created a kind of intersectional algorithm for determining which communities to target in 2018,” and this “algorithm” doesn’t seem to include Iscariotic white women, as another chief organizer Carmen Perez says:

Even in the Women’s March, much the work falls on the shoulders of the women of color. This is a movement where we’re trying to get people to understand that we must follow women of color, where trans folks and indigenous folks and other marginal people must be at the center. It can be hard for the people used to being in charge to step back. Today I went to a meeting about the importance of having black women lead, in Las Vegas. In that meeting several white women said, ‘Don’t forget about us white women.’ Or, ‘It’s about if you are black on the inside.’ I just couldn’t believe that in 2018, as we are preparing for the one-year anniversary, we still had white women trying to make things about themselves. It’s exhausting.[3]

It is exhausting; these supposedly high-IQ whites and even higher-IQ Jews just can’t seem to get it through their thick skulls that they’re not wanted! That no amount of supplicating and debasement is going to ingratiate them to an organization that is fundamentally opposed (not to sound too hyperbolic, but this is true) to Western civilization. The thing about this “algorithm,” though, is that it is unsustainable, and in their quest to embolden, say, “indigenous folk,” who are something like 2% of the population, they are alienating white women, roughly 31 or 32% of the population. Likewise, all the Jew-bashing is going to dry up a huge well of resources. Though the Jews are somewhere in the 1-2% range of the population, they are half of the country’s billionaires (WHITE PRIVILEGE MUCH!?). The Southern Poverty Law Center, which I have covered here, now has an endowment that has ballooned to almost $500 million dollars, which is almost seven times that of the NRA. Here’s a little snippet from the SPLC, which just goes to show how dishonest they are in equating the milquetoast buttoned-down basic bitch CPAC with the Alt-Right:

For years the Conservative Political Action Conference has had an extremist problem –– budding white nationalists, young and excited leaders of the racist “alt-right” and angry voices in the anti-LGBT movement all cozying up with conservative political leaders and hoping to have their voices heard.[4]

False on every possible count, but when your worldview does not wholly conform to the ever-shifting sands of the Lobotomites on the Left, then you are an Alt-Right hater, deserving of having your life destroyed. I’d expect nothing less from the ideological kin of the Bolsheviks who shipped 200,000 people to the gulags for making unapproved jokes about the Soviet regime. The thing is, when even The Hill is publishing op-eds that the Left has abandoned logic in its hysteria over “white supremacy,” you know you’ve completely jumped the shark. “Scholars” such as Reshmi Dutt-Ballerstadt have gone so far as to charge that the “logic of meritocracy” is…wait for it…RACIST! Vox has produced a video defending MS-13 as harmless bike-riding teenagers (seriously). The Left in 2018 has morphed into an atomized wasteland of incoherent and conflicting ideologies, niche identities, and mental illness galore.

In this “space,” you have Original Sin plowing head-long into social constructivism. You have the J(Jew)-Left and the P(Palestinian)-Left at loggerheads. You have inclusiveness that excludes and enemies as allies and the most obscene paradoxes. You have TERFs and gender-queers and “allies” and the trans-abled…The Year Zero Pol Pot Left is now in a state of infinite regress. Sure, hating whites (and many whites hating themselves) might be the glue that (barely) binds these contradictory, disparate strands for now, but for how long? And what kind of fallout are we looking at when the inevitable occurs?

Source: The Anatomically Correct Bannana


[2] See my take on that here:



Company Making Bulletproof Backpacks For US Students Flooded With Orders

Shopping for back-to-school items usually consists of calculators, pens, notebooks, and if your family is in the upper echelon of society — perhaps an Ipad. But with a nation in chaos and desperate to avoid another school shooting, it has become increasingly common for teachers and students, and even some parents to now demand bulletproof backpacks.

Right before our eyes, the nation is radically shifting as the pain from recent school shootings have swayed the cognitive thought process of many parents to accept militarization within education facilities.

Next thing you will know, the minivan is swapped out with an Audi Q5 Security (Audi’s first armored vehicle on a production line) and the children are all wearing kevlar infused backpacks similar to the tactical gear worn by US soldiers.

In the last 18 years, approximately 25 percent of all of the 160 mass shooting incidents took place in schools, according to the FBI. In response, school districts have taken drastic measures towards gun control on campuses, including surveillance cameras, security locks, metal detectors, bullet resistant windows, and even implementing resource officers during school hours.

After the horrific shooting of 17 kids at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in February 2018, the civilian defense industry as a whole experienced an influx of sales from school districts and worried parents. The hottest item on the block is the bulletproof backpack and there are several companies that have reported booming sales.

Florida-based Guard Dog Security specializes in non-lethal personal security and self-defense products designed to protect people from small arms fire. Guard Dog President Yasir Sheikh told Fortune, “demand has definitely gone up” in recent years, and explained that sales often increase after a school or mass shooting.

Sheikh added that the company has seen increased sales from parents buying bulletproof backpacks for the 2018 school year.

Guard Dog products recently went mainstream, which it seems as the company was able to attract a significant buyer that enabled them to launch their products in major retailers including Home Depot, Office Depot, Walmart, Amazon, and even Bed Bath & Beyond.

Masada Armor, based in the northern Israeli town of Julis, has attracted hundreds of American buyers – demanding bulletproof schoolbags in the wake of the South Florida shooting.

“We designed a bullet-proof backpack at the request of our distributors in the United States after the huge trauma caused by the February shooting in Florida,” Snir Koren, CEO of Masada Armor, told AFP on Thursday.

“Since then, orders from the United States have been coming in,” Koren said in Hebrew.

“In two months we have sold hundreds and are gearing up to increase production rates to 500 units per month,” he said, adding that the basic model, which weighs around three kilograms (six pounds), protects against 9mm pistol fire and sells for USD 500. For an extra USD 200, there is an improved version that protects against high-velocity rifles such as the AR-15 and the M-16 and Kalashnikov assault rifles.

In a sign of times, Fox News held a segment on bulletproof backpacks with the La Roux song,”Bulletproof” leading the intro, which caused La Roux to protest. She told Billboard: “Using ‘Bulletproof,’ a song I wrote about relationships, for a piece like this is abhorrent. I have never, and would never approve my music to be used in this way.”

Media Matters accused Maria Bartiromo of glamorizing bulletproof backpacks and clothing for kids in the back-to-school segment.

Bartiromo said, “Oh my goodness. It’s incredible that this has come to this though, that we need bulletproof clothing,” and then rapidly changed the subject. “Some of these things are quite fashion-forward.”

With the 2018 school year about to begin, it seems as the hottest item on many back-to-school wish lists are bulletproof backpacks. Great job America, the militaziation of education facilities is almost complete.

Source: ZeroHedge

Chicago Style Hot Dog to make a Chicago style hot dog)

A Zen master visiting NYC approaches a hot dog vendor and says, “Make me one with everything.”

The hot dog vendor fixes a hot dog and hands it to the Zen master, who pays with a $20 bill.

The vendor puts the bill in the cash box and closes it.

“Excuse me, but where’s my change?” asks the Zen master.

The vendor responds, “Change must come from within.”

Get It Through Your Head That Progressives Hate You

Some of you need to cease the denial and accept the harsh reality that the left hates you. It’s a fact, as much as the liberal gaslight gang and the conserva-sissy weakhearts deny it. You can tell that leftists hate you by the way that leftists tell you that they hate you.

Take Sarah Jeong, please – hey, the New York Times was happy to get this bitter creep onboard because of her history of virulent racism. The Times saw her hate as a plus, not a negative, an asset, not a liability. You can’t draw any other conclusion – if you take her tweets, trade out the word “white” – man, does she ever hate white people – and toss in some other skin hue you’d have a pink-haired millennial David Duke. And the NYT saw that and said, “Awesome, sign her up!”

You may think you know the deal about her prejudice, but you don’t really know the deal, not until you read the full extent of the Ku Klux Korean immigrant’s portfolio of bigoted tweetery. It’s not merely ugly, stupid, and immoral – it’s downright sociopathic. Yet the flagship of the floundering fleet that is America’s liberal media saw the iceberg and went full speed ahead.

We could go on about how if this was a conservative, he, she, or whatever the “groveling goblin” gender pronoun is, would be history, but we all know there is a double standard. What some of us have been unwilling to accept is why there is a double standard. Well, it’s because the people at the New York Times, and the liberal elite in general, agree with the hateful garbage Jeong and her pals dish out.

Progressives think that it’s okay to hate someone solely because of the color of his skin. They aren’t against racism – they are actively in favor of racism. Sure, they dress up their shameful prejudices with the kind of convoluted nonsense their associate professors of oppression studies taught them as sophomores, but it all comes down to the fact that they hate white people. Of course, they also hate black, Asian, and Latin people too, when such patriots dare embrace conservative values. So, in that way, liberals are equal opportunity racists.

Try this test: Ask a liberal, “Is it wrong to hate someone because of his race?”

Because we are not scumbag losers, we will answer, “Yes.” Liberals will give you a dissertation which eventually boils down to, “No.”

They hate us. They want us dead – just ask Sarah, who wants to “cancel white people,” which sure sounds murdery coming from an ideological heir to Mao, Stalin, and Castro. And apparently, we’re even more terrible because we actually listen to what they say and then dare to draw obvious conclusions. To libs, that’s racist. We’re supposed to ignore what they say to our faces and instead imagine that these are nice people who wish only the best for us as they tell us to die.

The left can’t hide its contempt anymore. Some of them, like that pink-mopped Harvard bigot, don’t even try. And, as my upcoming book Militant Normals: How Regular Americans Are Rebelling Against the Elite to Reclaim Our Democracy points out, in brutal and hilarious detail, Normal people – that is, those of us of all shades of skin hue who refuse to buy into the liberal elite’s sickening racist dogma – tend to take elitists telling them they hate them pretty seriously.

You want to know why we got Trump? Sarah Jeong and her dopey ilk are why we got Trump, and I am thrilled that Jeong got this gig and I am delighted that her idiot pals think the best hill to die on right before the midterms is Mt. It’s-Cool-To-Hate-White-People.

Not the Fredocons though. Those saps. This is a golden opportunity to steal the ball and run up the score, but as usual, these useless goofs seem intent on fumbling. Count on them to fuss and whimper their way into submission when they should be taking the fight to the left. We’re supposed to not “join the mob” and generally give the left a free pass on this latest atrocity, just like we’re supposed to give them a free pass on every other atrocity we’ve endured. Well, hard pass on the free passes.

Leftists don’t get to pull this garbage and just get away with it. Cut the nonsense about “outrage mobs.” Regardless of the principles of True Conservatism™, it’s perfectly okay under actual conservative principles to protest the liberal elite’s public embrace of outright race-based hatred. Hell, it’s mandatory. And this imbroglio is a perfect weapon for us, because it perfectly encapsulates our enemy’s hateful view of us in a way every midterm voter between the coasts is going to understand. We need to wield it like a sledgehammer in anticipation of the upcoming election.

You soft boys can pivot back to your “We’re better than that” pose and go AWOL, again, like you always do. But I say the Sarah Jeong/NYT love affair is a suppository, and I say we start curing the hemorrhoid that is liberalism by giving the left a double dose good and hard right up the progressive tract.

We need to accept the harsh reality that a substantial number of our fellow citizens hate our guts. All the simpering blabber about civility, all the clichés about unity, are all just comforting lies. A bunch of them hate us. They hate us. Hate. And we need to stop pretending the truth right in front of us is not right in front of us.

What do we do? We fight. This is not going to be a single skirmish. This is a campaign, a long and difficult one with the objective of destroying the ideological cancer metastasizing through America’s body politic. Step One: We must ruthlessly attack any manifestation of their hate using all the political and cultural tools at our disposal. We need to make liberal racism painful, so they are incentivized to abandon it. We’re not here to win moral victories. We’re here to win victory victories.

Source: by Kurt Schlichter | Town Hall



Read it all, including the embeds.

Get clear.

The Reds are murderously serious.

The Whites (color scheme courtesy of the Russian Revolution) had damned well get there.

You have no meaningful political voice.

Those conservative Federal judges McConnell has put on the bench?

They think you are deplorable.

At least half of your fellow FUSAns want you to disappear (while leaving your money behind).

The mainstream media is two steps from calling for your extermination.

People born since 1995 have been taught to despise you.

And the poor, insolvent country of your birth is being wiped from existence.

Gut-check time:

How serious are you?

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Saving Pax Americana

Hello. It’s Sam Culper. Welcome to the Forward Observer Daily. ADMIN NOTE: InFocus is my opportunity each week to address subscribers with analysis on whatever topic I choose. This week, I discuss a major shift by the world’s only superpower to stave off an aspiring and revisionist global power. This brief will appear in the Strategic Intelligence Summary for 02 August 2018.

In Focus: This week I want to provide you with an overview of a major shift happening right now. I don’t think this is getting the attention it deserves. We’ve heard of Chinese ascendancy, their economic expansion, the Asian Export Import bank and the Belt and Road Initiative (which now extends to roads and ports in 60 countries), investment across Asia, Africa, and South America, technological and industrial progress aided by persistent and aggressive espionage against the United States (intellectual property theft to the tune of $200-$300 billion per year, conservatively, for over a decade), their long-term military strategy and growing blue water navy — all the things setting China up to be dominant in the 21st century. Late last year we reported that China is on track to have as many fast attack submarines as there are boats in the entire U.S. Navy. That kind of military rise will allow China to challenge the U.S. in the Pacific and disrupt the established order in southeast Asia — not to mention enable their control of the $5 trillion of trade that passes through the South China Sea each year. That kind of power means that the Chinese will use control of the South China Sea to reward the countries who fall in line with China’s vision and bully those who don’t. Rightly, U.S. allies in Asia are worried as they’re forced to choose between reinforcing long-held strategic partnerships with the U.S. or pivoting to fit into inevitable Chinese dominance. Old news, right? Here’s what I’ve been watching as the U.S. response to disrupt China’s rise to dominate Asia.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will be in Singapore this weekend at the annual Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) ministerial meeting to discuss, among other things, economic security for ASEAN countries in light of China’s military and economic bullying. U.S. allies like Australia, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, the Philippines, and others have increased defense spending as a result. (Vietnam’s arms imports are up nearly 700 percent in the last decade.) To be sure, no U.S. ally in Asia is capable of confronting China alone and, conservatively, they’re probably 10-20 years behind where they need to be to pose a significant challenge. Around this time last year, Secretary of Defense James Mattis called on ASEAN to be the bulwark against Chinese expansion in the southeast Pacific. That means militarily, economically, diplomatically — every avenue available should be pursued to stop Chinese dominance, according to the strategy. One reason: preventing Chinese dominance is better than trying to topple Chinese dominance. If we want to avoid war, the strategy goes, then we can’t allow China to become so dominant that war is the only choice. But China’s rise to dominance means more than just its military. We’re seeing Australia, Canada, Germany, and other European nations veto Chinese bids to purchase farmland and critical infrastructure in their countries on the grounds of national security. Chinese investment is an enabler of espionage and technology transfers. It’s a big, big deal. (Earlier this year, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission blocked a plan for Chinese investors to purchase the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.)

Back in May, U.S. Pacific Command officially changed their name to U.S. Indo-Pacific Command (INDOPACOM). Established in 1947, PACOM’s area of responsibility has traditionally included everything from the U.S. West Coast all the way to central Russia (Arctic), the Middle East, and the waters east of southern Africa. As opposed to a decade ago, INDOPACOM’s job is tying India into the Indo-Pacific Strategy to counter China. Talks are on-going to include Japan as a routine member of U.S.-Indian military exercises and the annual Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) — the largest military exercise in the world — included 25 nations this year. Notably present: India. Notably absent: China. (China was disinvited by the Trump administration; although China kept a spy ship off the coast of Hawaii to observe and collect signals intelligence during the exercise.)

Former U.S. PACOM commander Adm. Harry Harris, long speculated to become ambassador to Australia, is actually now the ambassador to South Korea. That’s a lot of military experience for an ambassador position, but it underscores how vitally important that relationship is. Adm. Harris serving in a diplomatic role will have positive effects on achieving U.S. strategic security objectives in the region.

Secretary Pompeo, along with Japanese and Australian officials, recently announced a new trilateral economic investment project for Asia in order to build up the economies of U.S. allies in competition with China. Its direct purpose is to prevent China’s regional dominance. Said Secretary Pompeo: “These funds [$112 million] represent just a down payment on a new era in U.S. economic commitment to peace and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific region… We have never and will never seek domination in the Indo-Pacific, and we will oppose any country that does.”

And that brings us to the export-driven Chinese economy. Early on, the Trump administration reckoned that if it were going to use tariffs to curb Chinese espionage and flatten out the U.S. trade deficit, the time to do that is when the U.S. economy is booming. The U.S. economy grew at 2.2 percent in the first quarter of 2018, followed by 4.1 percent in the second quarter. It could always be revised down, but the Atlanta Federal Reserve published their third quarter estimates at 4.7 percent. The the time to impose tariffs and use a trade war to bring China to the negotiating table is when a growing economy can absorb the downside. And that’s why we’re seeing aggressive tariffs now (the Trump administration may raise tariffs from 10% to 25% on roughly $200 billion of Chinese goods later this month), which is starting to weigh on the Chinese economy.

Despite official numbers from China at 6.7 percent annual growth (year over year from the most recent numbers available), the actual growth might be half of that. We’ve previously covered the trillions in off-the-books debt from the central government to bail out state-owned enterprises, and the private sector may be facing a debt crisis. In the first seven months of 2018, there have been 20 private sector bond defaults. To put that in perspective, there were 20 defaults in all of 2017. This is unlikely to be a result of trade tariffs, but it does underscore two fundamental truths: 1) China has exploitable vulnerabilities, too, and 2) Economic warfare is a central part of China’s war against the U.S., and the Trump administration is willing to meet that threat and expose Chinese weakness. A Tuesday meeting of the Chinese Politburo outlined the health of the Chinese economy and pointed out ‘external challenges’ to growth. The Politburo acknowledges that the Trump administration treats the trade deficit as a national security issue, especially as the Chinese continue to steal intellectual property from U.S. corporations. We have to recognize that, as a former U.S. intelligence official put it, China is at a cold war with the United States. The U.S. government under the Trump administration is no longer turning a blind eye.

Previous administrations did little to curb the trade deficit because, starting under Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, the belief was that China’s economic rise would force it to adopt more open and democratic governance. Wrong. And then the Obama administration followed that line of thinking. In 2011, Obama met with then-president Hu Jintao and said,“There has been an evolution in China over the last 30 years since the first normalization of relations between the United States and China. And my expectation is that 30 years from now we will have seen further evolution and further change.” There are financial talking heads like Jim Cramer, who said on his “Mad Money” show on CNBC several months ago: “Sure, the Chinese may steal our trade secrets. Yes, they take our manufacturing jobs, but boy, oh boy, do our companies make money there. Starbucks is huge in China. FedEx is the shipping company of choice for their exports,” so of course U.S. corporations doing business there have a vested financial interest in allowing China to operate however it wants — just as long as they get access to the Chinese economy. And so for eight years, Obama did basically nothing, either to retaliate against Chinese theft or to make America more competitive. In that same 2011 speech, Obama went so far as to defend China, saying: “China has a different political system than we do. China is at a different stage of development than we are. We come from very different cultures with very different histories.” China took that as a signal to continue what they were doing because, hey, we just have a different culture and that’s okay. Treating China for eight long years as a developing democratic peer instead of an economic and military competitor was extremely short-sighted, and America continues to pay the price for that oversight. For all the hand-wringing over the demise of the post-1945 international order, few will publicly acknowledge that the decline of that “order” actually began under Obama when China started re-writing the rules in Asia.

And I should mention again that last month, Chinese officials approached the European Union to strike a trade deal that would drive a wedge between the EU and the United States. Chinese diplomats proposed a deal to jointly wage action against the U.S. at the World Trade Organization, and sought trade deals that would re-align European interests with China’s future. EU officials, of course, politely declined the alliance. But that’s the kind of power China wants to yield; they want to create their own world order and shape global politics in the image of China. That’s a bad thing for Americans but that’s a world the next generation risks inheriting. That’s why I’ve described President Trump’s job as “saving Pax Americana”. (InFocus; Strategic Intelligence Summary for 23 March 2018) We’ll see if he can do it without going to war, either at home or abroad.

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