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Muslim Who Tried To Behead Washington State Cop Was From Dadaab Refugee Camp Ghetto

In case you missed the update from World Net Daily about the “man” who sliced open a police officers head in Kennewick, Washington over the weekend (when everyone was busy focused on Charlottesville), here we learn that Hussain Hassan was from the UN’s Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya. 

So much for screening—either security or mental health!

Source: Refugee Resettlement Watch



Revisiting The Norman Conquest Of Sicily

Prostitution is widely known as the world’s oldest profession. The professional mercenary is probably the second oldest. Long before the advent of national armies, knights and “free companies” dominated the battle spaces of Europe, Asia, and North Africa. These mercenaries can best be considered as the precursors to modern military contractors. They even had administrative personnel tasked with collecting and distributing captured loot. When these mercenaries were not paid or went without work, peasant rebellions usually erupted.

The private armies of medieval and Early Modern Europe provided some of the best fighting men on the Continent. More importantly, these private armies proved quite capable of defeating Christendom’s greatest enemy, Islam, and retaking Sicily.

The conquest of the Emirate of Sicily began inauspiciously. At the time, Sicily, an island with a long history of conquest including Greek and Carthaginian overlords, belonged to Arab Muslims who conquered the island in 827 A.D. Because the Eastern Roman Empire (best known to the West as the Byzantine Empire) was in retreat in North Africa, Italy, and in the Near East, the Arab Muslims easily vanquished Sicily. For two centuries, these Muslim rulers profoundly altered Sicily’s native culture. They changed Sicily’s cuisine (couscous, arancini, and saffron are all Arab imports), while Siculo-Arabic geographers and poets contributed to a flourishing academic culture on the island. Even after Christian armies reconquered Sicily, Muslims and Greek Christians continued to speak the island’s idiosyncratic Arabic. The Arab and Berber Muslims also left behind their genes. Modern Sicily has one of the highest rates of the North African subhaplotype Va in Europe, although Portugal and Andalusia have higher incidents on average.

However, much like Islamic Spain, the Emirate of Sicily was no paradise full of convivencia. While Sicily’s Muslim rulers were largely more cosmopolitan than their Spanish coreligionists, they nevertheless considered the island’s Roman Catholics and Greek Orthodox Christians as “infidels.” Early on, Islam was established on the island through vicious raids that helped to decimate the local population. These raids were not just confined to Sicily, either. Muslim armies attacked mainland Italy as early as 652 A.D., when Arab troops attacked cities in Lombardy. For thirty years, between 847 and 871 A.D., Muslim forces ruled the Apulian city of Bari. The Emirate of Bari was a thumb to the eyes of both the Vatican and Constantinople, which desperately clung to its final Italian possessions in Apulia.

This was the political status of southern Europe until the mid-eleventh century. Far to the north of Sicily, in the cold lands of Normandy, a minor noble family called Hauteville specialized in private warfare. Several years before the Norman conquest of Anglo-Saxon England, Norman warriors were busy fighting as mercenaries in southern Italy. Tancred de Hauteville, the scion of the large Catholic family, sent two of his sons, William and Drago to Apulia in order to fight alongside the Pope and Lombards against the Orthodox Byzantines. William in particular distinguished himself as an excellent warlord. Nicknamed “Iron Arm,” William first entered southern Italy in 1035 at the request of the Norman warlord Count Rainulf of Aversa. His most famous exploit came when a Norman-Byzantine army laid siege to Syracuse and William managed to kill the city’s emir during the height of the battle. William later showed his potency to his fellow Christians when his men rebelled after their overall commander was recalled back to Constantinople.

In 1042, William d’ Hauteville was named as the Count of Apulia following a Norman-Lombard conquest of the region and his marriage to the daughter of the Lombard prince of Salerno. However, even after showing his worth in the fight to reclaim Sicily and southern Italy for Catholicism, William’s army eventually fell afoul of Pope Leo IX (later canonized as a saint). The main issue of contention was the fact that the Hauteville family, which was later joined by two other military geniuses named Robert ‘Guiscard” (“the Resourceful”) and Roger, ruled Apulia as a private kingdom. After using the Normans to secure a Byzantine-free Italy, Pope Leo IX turned on his mercenaries and hired other private soldiers in order oust the Hautevilles from Apulia.

The penultimate battle between the Normans and the Pope’s forces occurred outside of the Apulian city of Foggia. At the Battle of Civitate, a Papal coalition composed of Italian and Lombard foot soldiers and German cavalry from the Holy Roman Empire faced off against a Norman army of 3,000 mounted soldiers and 5,000 infantry. On the Norman side, dragooned Apulian and Calabrian foot soldiers were flanked by Norman horsemen who were considered some of the best fighters in Europe. Utilizing cutting-edge armor and the wedge tactics that their Viking forebearers had perfected, the Norman cavalry outmatched and outclassed their German opponents. The Normans managed to hold their lines against repeated charges of the German (mostly Swabian) cavalry, thus winning the day for the Hauteville family. Six years later, a new pope, Pope Nicholas entered into an alliance with the Hauteville family. Robert and Roger consolidated their family’s gains in Apulia and were rewarded with full control Calabria.

It was the duo of Robert “Guiscard” and Roger who took their combined Norman and Italian armies to Sicily beginning in 1061. In a series of impressive battles, the Hauteville brothers captured a string of Sicilian cities, including Messina (1061) and Palermo (1071). The Apulian town of Bari fell to the Normans in 1072, while Roger, then already the ruler of Salerno, fully took the city and expelled the remaining Greeks of Sicily and the city’s Lombard prince in 1076. A year later, Roger laid siege to the city of Trapani. By 1085, Muslim Sicily was no more. It had been replaced by a new Norman Christian dynasty.

Later Hauteville conquests reached Malta (where Arabic-speaking Greeks from Sicily created the Maltese language), Naples, and the Byzantine Empire. Thanks to their holdings in southern Italy, northern France, and in England, a Norman Empire stood as the most powerful Christian kingdom in the West.

While the Norman Hautevilles let elite Muslims maintain some semblance of power well into the 12th century, they also began expelling Sicilian Muslims as early as 1061. The cathedrals which had been turned into mosques became Christian cathedrals once again. New edifices built by the Norman rulers show a considerable influence from the Arab world, along with Greek and Roman architectural styles.

These days, travelers in Sicily cannot help but see the traces of Norman culture. Statues of Hauteville warriors abound in cities like Caltagirone and Palermo. The island’s many basilicas are perfect examples of the particularly Norman approach to Romanesque design. Thousands of Sicilian men bear Norman names like Ruggero (Roger) and Guglielmo (William). Overall, the island’s inhabitants take great pride in the civilization that the Normans built out of the ashes of an Arab-Berber-Greek emirate.

The Norman influence on Sicily arguably reached its greatest heights during the Kingdom of Two Sicilies. With roots reaching back to 1130, Roger II d’Hauteville established the Kingdom of Sicily, the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies was the largest and most prosperous Italian state prior to the Risorgimento. While southern Italy and Sicily have a reputation for being backward, rural, and mafia-controlled, the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies launched the world’s first steel ship in 1818, built the world’s first iron bridges in 1832 and 1835, and oversaw one of the most prosperous economies in Europe.

Until the Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia unified and reshaped Italy in its own image, southern Italy and Sicily exuded a unique inheritance in terms of civilization that owed much to a roving band of blonde and blue-eyed barbarians.

By | Social Matter

Muslim Brotherhood Spy Ring Employed By Democrat Party Exposed [video]

(Geller Report): Muslim spy ring traitors, Abid Awan, Imran Awan and Jamal Awan are three brothers who worked within the IT department for Democrat members of the House Permanent Intelligence Committee and Foreign Affairs Committee. Among other acts of treason, they stole information and copied to an off-site server. The Muslim Brotherhood was the recipient of this highly sensitive intel as was a “foreign intelligence service.” Is it any wonder we so many government agencies are acting in accord with our worst enemies?

They had massive access to all sorts of data bases, including super user access to the system itself. Rep Steve King: said the Democrat Muslim IT spy ring had access to “all the communication of the Foreign Affairs Committee”  and House Intel Committee. The FBI seized smashed hard drives from their home. And one of the Muslim spies was arrested yesterday en route to Pakistan after wiring 300k to that country. His wife got out and awaits him there. Hina Alvi, suddenly left the country for Lahore, by way of Doha, Qatar. She had abruptly pulled the couple’s three daughters out of school without alerting the school’s staff, and brought them with her – along with lots of luggage and household goods.

“Five Capitol Hill technology aides said that members of Congress have displayed an inexplicable and intense loyalty towards the suspects who police say victimized them. The baffled aides wonder if the suspects are blackmailing representatives based on the contents of their emails and files, to which they had full access.

The Democrats paid these traitors over four million dollars since 2010.

The trio is reported to have been paid over $4 million over the last last eight years for providing IT services for Wasserman Schultz and up to 24 other Democratic congressman. Imran Awan himself was reportedly kept on as a “part-time” employee at a $165,000 salary.

“If the reports are right, if these three individuals…drew down, over this period of time, $4 million and Debbie Wasserman Schultz had a part-time employee who’s making $165,000 that she just fired – what – yesterday afternoon?”  Rep. Steve King said.  Wasserman paid them three times the normal rate and has hindered the investigation for months. Wasserman, too, should be tried for treason and hung.

“‘I don’t know what they have, but they have something on someone. It’s been months at this point’ with no arrests, said Pat Sowers, who has managed IT for several House offices for 12 years. ‘Something is rotten in Denmark.’

The scandal has spread to the top, including Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton. The list of those reportedly employing the Awans and their associates includes these 23 current or former Democrats in Congress, including: Andre Carson, Luis Guiterez, Jim Himes, Terri Sewell, Jackie Speier, Mike Quigley, Eric Swalwell, Patrick Murphy, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Joaquini Castro, Lois Frankel, Ted Lieu, Robin Kelly, Tammy Duckworth, Mark Takano, John Sarbanes, Diana DeGette, Cedric Richmond, Charlie Crist, Jacky Rosen, Sandy Levin, Karen Bass and Marcia Fudge.

“A manager at a tech-services company that works with Democratic House offices said he approached congressional offices, offering their services at one-fourth the price of Awan and his Pakistani brothers, but the members declined. At the time, he couldn’t understand why his offers were rejected but now he suspects the Awans exerted some type of leverage over members.

“‘There’s no question about it: If I was accused of a tenth of what these guys are accused of, they’d take me out in handcuffs that same day, and I’d never work again,’ he said…. (more)

This blockbuster news story is being scrubbed and censored by Democrats and their enemedia army.

Gateway Pundit: The explosive claim is backed up by a report in Frontpage Magazine linking the Awan brothers to the Muslim Brotherhood. The Pakistani IT staffers worked for Democrat Congressmen Andre Carson as well.

Frontpage reported:

The office of Andre Carson, the second Muslim in Congress, had employed Imran Awan. As did the offices of Jackie Speier and Debbie Wasserman Schultz; to whom the letter had been addressed.

Carson is the second Muslim in Congress and the first Muslim on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and, more critically, is the ranking member on its Emerging Threats Subcommittee. He is also a member of the Department of Defense Intelligence and Overhead Architecture Subcommittee.

The Emerging Threats Subcommittee, of which Carson is a ranking member, is responsible for much of counterterrorism oversight. It is the worst possible place for a man with Carson’s credentials.

Carson had inheritedhis grandmother’s seat and exploited it to promote a radical Islamic agenda. He has interfaced with a laundry list of Islamist groups from CAIR toISNA to ICNA to MPAC. Islamistshave funded Carson’s careerto the tune of tens of thousands of dollars. TheCenter for Security Policy has put together a dossierof Carson’s connections to the Muslim Brotherhood. The Brotherhood is the parent organization of many key Islamic terror groups posing a threat to our national security including Al Qaeda and Hamas.

Andre Carson shared the stage at a CAIR banquet with Sirraj Wahaj: anunindicted co-conspirator in theWorld Trade Center bombingwho had once declared,” You don’t get involved in politics because it’s the American thing to do. You get involved in politics because politics are a weapon to use in the cause of Islam.” CAIR itself had beennamed an unindicted co-conspiratorin terror finance.

It’s ironic the Awan brothers cry Islamophobia, when in all actuality, the religion they practice deserves all the scrutiny it receives. Simply put, the Awan brothers are of the Muslim faith sending sensitive information to Islamic fundamentalist group, Muslim Brotherhood.

That didn’t stop their lawyer from complaining about Islamophobia and right-wingers exaggerating the case.

Update 08/01/2017

HUGE: Imran Awan Becomes Suspect In Seth Rich Murder Inquiry
– Awan was Deddie Wasserman Schultz’ I.T. Guy.

Democrat House Intel Committee members compromised by their rogue Muslim IT staff: Abid, Imran and Jamal Awan

To understand how corrupt and compromised the enemedia is, this story is getting no ink. This hack is real Three Muslim members of the intelligence panel and five members of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs were among the dozens of members who employed the suspects on a shared basis. They were illegally accessing info from House Intel, Foreign Affairs servers.

The two committees deal with many of the nation’s most sensitive issues and documents, including those related to the war on terrorism.

“I’m surprised that the media hasn’t made a bigger deal about this,” Labrador said. “This is pretty outrageous. These are people who had direct connections and access to the House, to intelligence information, and the media has said very little about it. “

Canadian Christian Slapped With $12,000 ‘Shariah Fine’ For Not Removing Shoes

‘It has just shattered me. I am broken’ Alabi of Ontario, Canada, fined for offending his Muslim tenants by not removing his shoes when he walked into their apartment.

Canada is now fining its citizens for offending people of the Islamic faith.

John Alabi, 53, is a Christian and landlord who lives in the Toronto area has been ordered to pay a fine of $12,000 by the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal because he failed to remove his shoes when he entered the apartment he was renting to a Muslim couple.

His crime? Religious discrimination, according to the tribunal.

The tenants were planning to move out of his rental home, and he says he gave the couple the required 24-hours notice that he would be showing the apartment to another tenant.

Alabi says he does not have the money to pay the fine and doesn’t know what he’s going to do.

“What about my rights?” asks the father of three, who has since sold the house. “What about my rights to show my place so I could rent it and put food on the table for my family?”

“I don’t have the money. I work very hard. If they go into my bank account right now, I don’t have $12,000 there,” says Alabi, who lost thousands of dollars in legal fees and time off work.

“It has just shattered me. I am broken. I am broken.”

While it sounds extreme that a Canadian government agency would order a citizen to pay money to a Muslim for offending the Muslim faith, the U.S. is rife with examples of progressives attempting to implement similar restrictions upon non-Muslims, says Pamela Geller, an author and anti-Shariah activist.

“We are already traveling down that path. The foremost indication of this is in the general acceptance of Islamic free-speech restrictions,” Geller told WND.

Robert Spencer, editor of the Jihad Watch blog, said Canada has been all but “conquered” by Islam, which is seen as a protected class by its enablers on the left (communists). And the U.S. is not far behind in the race to establish Islam as the dominant religion in it’s culture, thanks to political correctness (communism) that seeks to destroy anyone who speaks a negative word about Islam. No other religion enjoys such favor from the U.S. media establishment.

Ralph Sidway, a Christian writer who commented on the story for his Facing Islam blog, noted that Canada is now blatantly implementing Shariah blasphemy laws, trying to force a Christian man to pay a punitive tax to his former Muslim tenants.

“Canada is in essence behaving like a conquered, dhimmi state, extracting jizya from its citizens to appease its Islamic masters, who rank highest in the Canadian Human Rights hierarchy,” he wrote.

Adapted from: Reclaim Our Republic

US Military Caught Sneaking ISIS Terrorists Out Of Syria

Syrian authorities have caught US military aircraft secretly transporting ISIS terrorists out of Syria to unknown destinations. 

According to senior Syrian legislator Ammar al-Assad, the United States is helping ISIS to escape Raqqa, where Russian and Syrian forces are successfully defeating the terrorist organization. reports: Assad said that the US is now transferring the ISIL terrorists from Syria, specially Raqqa province, to unknown places.

Arab media outlets had disclosed that the ISIL started withdrawing troops from West of Raqqa province following an agreement with the US-backed Kurdish forces, while Syrian army soldiers managed to oust ISIL from its last strongholds in Eastern Aleppo and enter Western part of the group’s de-facto capital in the Arab country.

Al-Assad revealed mid-June that the US has transferred the ISIL ringleaders who are originally from the Western states from Raqqa to other regions.

He said that the US has allowed over 120 ISIL members to leave Raqqa with their weapons and go towards al-Sukhnah to create insecurity in Palmyra (Tadmur) region but the Russian and Syrian fighter jets pounded and killed them.

“The US is highly coordinated with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) as some of the group’s commanders are from the US, Britain, France and certain regional states. Actually what is happening in the battlefield is against what the media say. Many surprising events happen,” al-Assad added.

He said that weeks ago, the US-led coalition planes staged heliborne operations in Raqqa and transferred a number of ISIL ringleaders to unknown places, adding that they were not Syrian, Iraqi or Chinese, but were the western commanders of the ISIL.

Noting that Raqqa is highly important to the US, he stressed that “How could it be possible for the ISIL and the SDF to arrive at an agreement, despite their ideological differences, that allows the ISIL leaders to leave Raqqa through a safe passage?”

Source: New World Order Report

The “Real” Solution To Jihadist Knife Attacks

“One of them had a big knife, then he came in and walked around the restaurant,  I guess they just kind of stabbed anyone that they saw and knocked things on the ground and then we just hid.”

So this last weekend – mid Ramadan (but the UK authorities are adamant that has nothing to do with it) – yet another series of well coordinated attacks in London.  The timing was on cue, and the technology was primitive, yet the effect was successful.  The weapons were simple: Aggression, Motor Vehicles, and Knives.  Unless the nanny-state wishes to now castrate the aggression out of all males, prohibit all sharp instruments in an Okinawan-like decree, and force everyone to use public transportation, the ability of the state to prevent the next one is ridiculously impossible as long as the culture that advocates such things is allowed to roam free in the west. 

That last bit is out of the hands of normal people like us, yet we are the ones that will stand at the front line of the effects of the political decisions made by those in charge.  And we will either stand as ready sacrifices to the death cult, or as combatants.  Britain seems to have already chosen out of their self-imposed helplessness. Soon the west, and Europe in particular, will either find its warrior heart and embrace the old ways, or it will be bent over the table and given its fate.

In this article, which I am certain will upset the “martial arts” guys, I will discuss the reality of facing a jihadist with a knife bent of “stabbing anyone they see”.  I will discuss “The Jihadist Vehicle Attacks” later.

So here we go –

1).  Forget The Fantasy Of Empty Hand Defenses: 

Do not think for one minute that your secret Jujitsu or Kung Fu methods will guarantee you winning against a dedicated, motivated, young and fit jihadist armed with a big knife intent on killing you.  Add to that his expectation of dying that day…add to that his accomplices, also armed with knives, and you get a clearer picture.  And winning does not mean 7 out of 10 in the drills at the dojo…it means we want a solid chance at a 100% success rate because anything less means that you die.  Your chances may be better if you have devoted your entire life to nothing but full contact martial arts training (and if your adversaries are unskilled)…but otherwise…unarmed against the knife is a very foolish match to go into.

2).  Instead Of Going Jackie Chan, Use A Weapon:

Yes, I know…it may mean violating the rules.  As I have said…and it is almost a cliche now…we live in a time of war and we must make adjustments to the reality and accept that the authorities cannot prevent these events from taking place.  So if you live in a free state, carry a firearm with you – EVERYWHERE.  Ignore the sign if there is one saying you cannot.  If you live in a not so free state, carry a firearm with you anyway and always obey the speed limit.  If you live in a country intentionally bereft of any warrior culture, see item three.

3).  Always Be Armed No Matter The Rules:

“But Gabe…we live in (insert oppressed socialist state or nation here) and we can’t even buy a picture of a gun here”.

A modern, educated man with a set of nuts in his bag will always figure out a way to be armed.  No guns?  OK, get your own knife.  Knife versus knife is a far better proposition than unarmed versus knife is it not?  My God, at the very least get a big fat stick that you can claim is a cane and that you can crush skulls with.  It really is not that difficult if there is courage, and a will, and a defiant heart that denies the state’s right to control your destiny.

“But Gabe, the rules say I cannot have guns, knives, sticks, anything that could possibly be used as a weapon and they are about to pass laws banning ill will”. 

When you cannot live in safety, and in obedience to the established law, a learned man will happily become a scofflaw.  If you disagree with that, I really have nothing for you.  Sorry…good luck.

4). Learn To Be Violent:

This is why I am not impressed with the majority of martial arts training.  Too much sport.  Too much esoteric spiritual stuff.  Not enough violence.  We need more “martial”, and less “art” – as it were.  I expect that today, the Monday after the London Bridge attack, the martial arts schools in the UK (and USA) will be filled with eager soccer moms and football dads (cricket-moms and rugby-dads?) looking for the easy solution to this problem.  And they will be taught esoteric stuff intended for the “perfection of character”, or stuff developed for winning a match somewhere. 

What they need is to be taught to physically destroy their opponent, crushing windpipes, smashing skulls, breaking bones.  The “real karate” that so few schools even understand much less teach.  But again, see item 1.  I have trained in hand to hand stuff since I was ten years old and I would prefer to not face  against a knife empty handed.

5).  Learn Preemption: 

It is 2017.  Are we already forgetting that there is a true social-religious-political culture living in the west…in truth invited by the west, that seeks to supplant western culture by force and attrition with its own culture?  If you see a couple of strong young men, that look like they just got off the boat from Afghanistan moving aggressively toward you with knives in their hands – do we really need to have a time out to explain what their intentions are for you? 

This is the time to draw and shoot each one of them to the ground, not running or hiding.  

6).  Keep Alert:

All the weapons and willingness to violence will not help you in the least if you are asleep at the bar.  The first part of all this is staying alert.  Sit where you can see the exit, have your back covered or have an equally alert associate watching it.  Look around constantly and know who is moving and what is happening.  Don’t want to live like that you say?  Well, western nations, you should have thought about that before you invited the death cult into your country, or voted for fools that did so.  You live in a time of war and you will either deny it and hope you are not selected by the next jihadist, or you accept reality and prepare to meet him.

That is all.  There are no secret techniques to defend against the knife by physically frail and empty handed males.  It takes violence and weapons.  And in that order.

by The Gabe Suarez Blog

San Diego: Ground Zero for Islamic Indoctrination in American Public Schools

San Diego Unified School District administrators and teachers will have calendars showing Islamic holidays, students will learn more about the religion in social studies classes and safe places will be created on campuses for Muslim students as part of a multi-tiered approach to combat alleged Islamophobia.

Concerns about discrimination against Muslims have been expressed on many campuses this year, including at UCSD in the above photo.

Source: The Counter Jihad Report