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New Book On Kavanaugh’s Confirmation Expose Christine Blasey Ford’s “Aggressive” Way With Boys

Instead of getting in on the so-called investigation (but it was really a lynching) into both Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford’s past, the GOP apparently avoided releasing damaging information about Ford’s “aggressive” sexual nature and “heavy drinking” in High School.

The Daily Caller reported:

A forthcoming book on Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court relays incendiary allegations about Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, excerpts obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation show.

In “Justice on Trial” authors Mollie Hemingway and Carrie Severino say unnamed peers accused Ford of drinking to excess and accosting boys with some regularity as a student at the Holton-Arms School, a contrast with press accounts that cast her as innocent and naive during that period. Ford accused Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her during a 1982 house party in suburban Maryland when they were high school students.

“Female classmates and friends at area schools recalled a heavy drinker who was much more aggressive with boys than they were,” Hemingway and Severino write of Ford. “‘If she only had one beer’ on the night of the alleged assault, a high school friend said, ‘then it must have been early in the evening.’ Her contemporaries all reported the same nickname for Ford, a riff on her maiden name and a sexual act.”

“They also debated whether her behavior in high school could be attributed to the trauma of a sexual assault,” the authors added. “If it could, one of them said, then the assault must have happened in seventh grade.”

The anonymous sources who shared those accounts were reluctant to come forward because “hostility to Kavanaugh made them fear for their livelihood if their names were attached to the stories,” the authors wrote.

Holton-Arms yearbooks provide a contemporaneous narrative about the school’s social scene. Like Kavanaugh’s own yearbooks from Georgetown Preparatory School, the Holton-Arms annual is replete with sexual innuendo and explicit references to underage binge drinking, among other debauched themes.

“The pages that follow contain references to ‘Playboy Bunnies’ and things that are ‘X-rated’ as well as pictures of beer and rum,” Hemingway and Severino write of the 1982 yearbook. “The same volume boasts a cavalcade of off-color jokes about ‘furburgers vs. Cheeseballs,’ ‘6 Caucasian females, one Caucasian male,’ and ‘Halloween-whores,’ as well as a lewd riff on the ‘tube snake boogie.’”

“This depiction of Holton-Arms as Studio 54 on the Potomac may be nothing more than adolescent posturing, and only the alumnae can judge how accurately it reflects their social life in the early 1980s,” the authors write. “But it is clear that a lack of vigilance by the yearbook’s faculty adviser and bacchanalian extracurricular activities were by no means unique to Georgetown Prep.”

Kavanaugh’s Georgetown Prep yearbooks were subject to intense scrutiny in the press and before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Democratic Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy asked Kavanaugh to explain the “drinking and sexual exploits” described in his own yearbook entry during Kavanaugh’s second round of testimony. Democratic Rhode Island Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse followed on with more probing questions, asking Kavanaugh to explain references to “boofing” and “the devil’s triangle.”

Source: New World Order Report

Christine Ford Keeps Her $1M GoFundMe Haul After Kavanaugh Rejects his $600K


Like a SuperPAC, a GoFundMe can be created in your name without your compliance or participation. 

Justice Kavanaugh has made it clear that he doesn’t want the money that was raised on his behalf.

Citing judicial ethics concerns, Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh declined more than $600,000 that was donated to aid his family during the firestorm over sexual misconduct allegations that plagued his confirmation. The judge’s decision was announced on Tuesday in a message posted on the online fundraising page that gathered the funds.

“Justice Kavanaugh did not authorize the use of his name to raise funds in connection with the GoFundMe campaign. He was not able to do so for judicial ethics reasons. Judicial ethics rules caution judges against permitting the use of the prestige of judicial office for fund-raising purposes. Justice Kavanaugh will not accept any proceeds from the campaign, nor will he direct that any proceeds from the campaign be provided to any third party. Although he appreciates the sentiment, Justice Kavanaugh requests that you discontinue the use of his name for any fund-raising purpose.”

That’s the right thing to do. Now it’s Christine Ford’s turn. Her GoFundMes have raised around a million dollars.

Two GoFundMe accounts have raised more than $842,000 for Ford, and the money is still coming in weeks after she testified and left the spotlight. The total does not include a third account collecting $120,000 for an academic endowment in her name.

As Paul Sperry noted, she doesn’t need the money.

“The costs for security, housing, transportation and other related expenses are much higher than we anticipated and they do not show signs of letting up,” Ford said in a recent statement posted on the GoFundMe page of the “Help Christine Blasey Ford” campaign, which is still bringing in donations. “Funds received via this account will be used to help us pay for these mounting expenses.”

GoFundMe spokeswoman Katherine Cichy told RealClearInvestigations that Ford and her husband can withdraw as much as they want whenever they want for any purpose. Payments would be electronically deposited into the Fords’ bank account within two to five business days of initiating withdrawals.

Transportation and housing don’t cost anywhere in that neighborhood. Unless she’s being protected by the Swiss Guards, neither does security. Legal costs could be quite high, but those were already covered by her people.

Some question the necessity of the financial assistance given that much of the costs associated with Ford’s testimony – including all of her legal fees plus a polygraph examination – were covered by Democratic attorneys assigned to her by the Democratic members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, committee sources say; panel Democrats were allotted half of a $1 million committee fund for transportation, security, investigations and other expenses associated with the tumultuous confirmation process. The Senate Sergeant at Arms and Capitol Police also provided “heightened security” for Ford.

Kavanaugh rejected his GoFundMe haul, there’s no sign that Ford is doing the same.

Source: by Daniel Greenfield | Front Page Mag


Judiciary Chairman Refers Second Fraudulent Kavanaugh Accuser for Prosecution…

Kavanaugh Vs. Feinstein – Flawless Victory


(Tom Luongo) Yesterday’s dramatic cloture vote to push SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh to a final confirmation vote is one of those political moments of pure victory.  It was messy and it was tense, but the ultimate outcome was better than I could have ever originally expected.

Because it’s pretty clear to me that we’re looking at the kind of big operation run on the Democrats and the Soros Group to expose not only their tactics, the classic “Nuts and Sluts” shaming technique, but also in the process crush certain powerful members of the Democratic party which have been the conduit through which ‘the Resistance’ has driven our political process to the point of no return.

Christine Blasey Ford’s accusation was supposed to create the kind of uproar that would have Kavanaugh withdraw well before any of the dots could be connected by Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Chuck Grassley and others.

The rapid succession of accusers was supposed to overwhelm the news cycle with outrage porn and the Republicans were supposed to fold like they always have in the past.

But we’re well beyond that point.  I’ve been warning about this since Trump began rising in the polls.  He out-Alinsky’s the Alinskyites and by doing so gives spine to the spineless and energizes a frustrated conservative/libertarian base of voters to go after these obviously corrupt, venal, power-mad freaks that run both the GOP and the DNC.

So, to me, it looks like some form of ‘operation’ was run on Feinstein and the Democrats here.  That the chum that was Brett Kavanaugh — young, rich, white, successful, etc. — they couldn’t ignore.

Like flies to a bug zapper they flew too close to the light and were fried unmercifully.  Feinstein knows she’s done.

Feinstein’s done.  The woman should have been arrested for treason after the scandal about her driver working for the Chinese broke earlier this year.  But, we should be able to connect a dot or two here and see that that was used as leverage against her to hold Blasey-Ford’s accusation until the most politically-damaging moment.

Wait for the fall-out from this.  The Republicans had a win/win situation on their hands here as long as Kavanaugh was 1) not guilty and 2) willing to endure the process.

It looks like he was able to do both.  Because if the Democrats force a failure of the vote, it will energize people to go to the polls in numbers unheard of for a mid-term election.

Or, if the Republicans finally fight back the way they are supposed to, then they 2) energize the base to finally crush these venal scumbags that so richly deserve it.

One of the two major parties has to fail for the Swamp to truly be Drained.  Old power structures within the Senate and House need to crumble.  Diane Feinstein is staring (with tears in her eyes) at censure, being stripped of her seniority and possible forced retirement.

All of those relationships get shattered. There are ripple effects up and down the lobby circuit in D.C.

What’s sad is that they really thought the rules hadn’t changed.  And if I’m right that this was an operation planned from the beginning to frame Kavanaugh with a known liar, not only Ford but Julie Swetnick as well, then by the time this is done everything in Washington will look very different over the next six months.

George Soros and Tom Steyer will have to spend even more money on their next losing battle.  And at some point, the situation in D.C. will turn against them far enough for asset seizure and possible imprisonment.



Source: ZeroHedge


Deception is at the heart of warfare.
The fake news media runs cover for the antics of the violent Left, not only on the streets, but in the halls of government too.
Judge Kavanaugh’s advise & consent sham hearing was always a search and destroy mission for the Leftists and their Deep State allies.
The globalists’ shadow government is in panic as Trump is about to reveal their crimes.
He must be stopped at all costs; the Republicans must lose the midterms.
Appearances, theater, feelings and perceptions are more important than facts, logic and truth in this lethal shit show.
Winning is the only option; heroes must rise face defamation and crush our enemies – destruction & delay, seek & destroy, DECLASSIFY & DEVASTATE!

Yale Cancels 31 Classes so Students Can Protest Kavanaugh


Yale Law School canceled 31 classes this week so that students would have a better opportunity to protest Brett Kavanaugh.

Professors at Yale Law School canceled 31 classes on Monday so that students would be better able to protest Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court.

A report from the Washington Free Beacon detailed some of the cancellations. James Forman, a criminal law professor, canceled classes after hearing that some students were traveling to Washington D.C. to protest Kavanaugh.

On Monday, Yale Law School students gathered in a campus building wearing only black to demand a full investigation into the accusations. Many of the students were able to participate in the sit-in demonstration because their classes had been canceled.

Yale professor Nicholas Christakis, who was at the center of the Halloween costume controversy at the university, criticized the student protesters on Twitter. “For civil disobedience to be praiseworthy and serious, protestors must be willing to bear the costs of the then-extant sanctions. Cancelling class so that students can protest, and doing so only for one end of political spectrum, seems hard to defend,” Christakis tweeted.

Nearly 50 Yale Law School faculty have signed a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee demanding a full investigation into the accusations against Kavanaugh.

“With so much at stake for the Supreme Court and the nation, we are concerned about a rush to judgment that threatens both the integrity of the process and the public’s confidence in the Court,” the letter said. “Some questions are so fundamental to judicial integrity that the Senate cannot rush past them without undermining the public’s confidence in the Court. This is particularly so for an appointment that will yield a deciding vote on women’s rights and myriad other questions of immense consequence in American lives.”

Source: by Tom Ciccotta | Breitbart


USA Today Promotes Investigative Theory: Judge Kavanaugh Child Sex Predator…



Kavanaugh Plot Twist

Female blogger is ordered to pay US Army colonel she accused of rape $8.4million in damages after he claimed the false allegations cost him a sparkling military career

Christine Blasey Heads Stanford’s CIA Internship Program


“The Left has gone stark raving mad!”


Dr. Christine Blasey heads Stanford University’s CIA Undergraduate Internship Program. She is accusing Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh of misconduct.

The Senate votes on Wednesday on whether or not Kavanaugh should be confirmed to serve as a Justice on the Supreme Court.




Dr. Blasey is listed as an affiliate at Stanford University in the Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences.


Last year, the following article appeared in her local newspaper, the Mercury News. It is copied and pasted here:



In the same hometown paper, a Letter to the Editor about Judge Kavanaugh was “PUBLISHED” on Sept. 19th, 2014. It was “UPDATED” four years later on Sept. 18, 2018.

It is linked here:



Christine Blasey’s brother used to work for the international law firm of Baker, Hostetler. The firm created Fusion GPS.



Baker Hostetler is located in the same building where the CIA operates three companies called Red Coats Inc., Admiral Security Services, and Datawatch,

They are operated by Ralph Blasey II. He is the father of Christine and Ralph III.

Christine and Ralph III’s grandfather was Nicholas Deak. Former CIA Director William Casey acknowledged Deak’s decades of service to the CIA. The story is linked here:

The Observer-Reporter, Washington, Pa., dated Nov. 19th, 1985, Page C-3.




Source: Brass Balls Blog


Kavanaugh Accuser Family CIA Black Budget Ops/Fusion GPS / Deep State Security Ties



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