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Peter’s Pence

Peter’s Pence is the name given to the financial support offered by the faithful to the Holy Father as a sign of their sharing in the concern of the Successor of Peter for the many different needs of the Universal Church and for the relief of those most in need.

Introducing Pedophile Vicar, Paul Battersby Who Is Housed In A Luxury Flat, paid for By The Church Of England, aka Peter’s Pence.


A pedophile ex-vicar has been downloading sick photos of young children while living in a luxury apartment with the blessing of the Church of England.

For the past three years pedophile former reverend Paul Battersby has been living in one of Liverpool’s most desirable developments, Beetham Tower, paid for with his pension from the church.

Liverpool Echo reports:

Former reverend Paul Battersby repeatedly downloaded sick photographs of young children being molested by fellow perverts.

But for the last three years he has lived in Beetham Tower – one of Liverpool’s most desirable developments in Old Hall Street.

Yet the ex-Church of England national youth officer had the audacity to MOAN about his home and compare his circumstances to prison.

Battersby, 68, was jailed for 20 months after a court heard he spent his time in the flat amassing a disturbing collection of illegal files.

He downloaded 1,730 indecent images of children and extreme animal porn, then wrote a twisted child sex abuse fantasy starring himself.

Prosecutors said perhaps “equally worrying” was the discovery of a shoebox full of children’s clothes, stashed in his high-rise apartment.

Peter Turner, defending, said his client – estranged from his two ex-wives and two children – was “incredibly lonely” in the swanky pad.

The solicitor told Liverpool Crown Court: “He describes living in a small flat the Church of England have rented for him and funded.

“It’s effectively in an office block. He sees very few people. He sees friends occasionally and his sister visits on a regular basis.

“He says it’s not far off the life he would have if he was in prison.”

Battersby, who served in the ministry for 31 years, was first caught with a horrifying movie of a girl being raped in 2007.

He was turned in by his wife after his 17-year-old stepson spotted shocking images and videos on the family’s computer.

The pervert, who led a congregation in Leyland, was spared prison in 2008 and told to attend a sex offenders’ programme.

Battersby, who taught chemistry in Liverpool before training for the church, then moved into his sister’s home in Bebington, Wirral.

He soon bought a laptop and within months was using it to access 160 obscene images using the pseudonym ‘Tanker’.

Officers raided his sister’s home in 2009. He confessed and was jailed for eight months in 2010, then released and moved into the plush pad.

Mr Turner said Battersby – who had destroyed some of his computers with a screwdriver – “relapsed and relapsed”, yet wanted help.

The solicitor said his client had voluntarily sought help for his problems from Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust this year.

He said any future sex offender treatment programmes he attended would likely also be funded by the Church of England.

Beetham Tower is a 133-apartment, 29-storey luxury tower block, lying next to Beetham’s West Tower – Liverpool’s tallest building – and the Radisson Blu Hotel.

One bedroom studio apartments sell for around £110,000, with rental rates of £650 a month, while a two-bedroom alternative can cost £165,000, or £1,050 per month.

Features include Mersey River views, a 24-hour concierge plus full leisure facilities – gym, sauna, steam jacuzzi and swimming pool – on the ground floor.

A Church of England spokesman said: “It is a matter of deep shame and regret that Paul Battersby has re-offended.

“Downloading indecent images of children is far from a victimless crime – we recognise this as a serious form of child abuse, which can have lifelong effects on victims.

“We apologize unreservedly for the harm that this will have caused.

“The Church of England Pensions Board houses retired members of the clergy who have a minimum number of years of stipendiary service, and who have insufficient financial means to provide retirement housing for themselves.

“It typically houses people in two-bedroom properties in more affordable areas – and charges rent on a similar basis to social housing rents.

“In any case where disclosure is made about a criminal history, or the person comes to the Pensions Board on leaving a custodial sentence, the Board works very closely with the managing agencies (for example, the probation service or the police) to ensure that the housing it provides meets the restrictions set for that individual. “That happened in this particular case.”

Source: New World Order Report

Church of England Admits Protecting Pedophile Priests for Decades


Most are unaware that the Church of England is synonymous with the Roman Catholic Church. In fact, both were one entity until 1534, when King Henry VIII of England severed ties with Rome, giving the church its full independence.

Like its mother church, activists have long accused priests in the Church of England of child rape and molestation, especially against young boys. But because the church wields significant influence in Britain, the accusations were never investigated. The Supreme Governor of the Church of England is the Queen.

But despite the strong influence it held, activists never gave up exposing the dirty secrets of the church. Evidence presented before the church, with the help of activists, is so overwhelming that the church itself has finally made shocking admissions.

On June 23, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, who serves as the senior most cleric of the Church of England, revealed that the church “colluded” with and helped to hide long-term sexual abuse of children and young men.

Mr Welby didn’t just make the damning revelation, he also apologized to the victims who spoke out and helped to expose one senior priest of the church, who for years has raped children and young men.

What brought the damning revelation to the surface was a case involving one ex-bishop of the church named Peter Ball. Bishop Ball served as the Bishop of Lewes and then the diocesan Bishop of Gloucester.

In 1960, he and his twin brother (Michael Ball) established a monastic community known as the Community of the Glorious Ascension. Unknown to the public, Ball was a pedophile who used his position to rape and molest many young boys. Activists later helped the victims seek justice against the pedophile bishop.


In 2015, Ball pleaded guilty to raping over 18 young men while in office as a bishop of the church. Despite the grave nature of the crimes committed by the pedophile bishop, he was sentenced to only 32 months in prison. This case convinced many that the long suspicion of the church protecting pedophile priests is true. Activists called for further investigations.

Due to public pressure, the church commissioned a special investigation into the allegations, particularly on the case that disgraced Ball and the church.

After the investigation, the report was given to Mr Welby to be made public. The report revealed Ball’s conduct “caused serious and enduring damage to the lives of many men,” and that “the church at its most senior levels and over many years supported him unwisely.”

The report further conceded that the church helped the perpetrator hide the abuse. Welby quoted from the report that “the church colluded and concealed rather than seeking to help those who were brave enough to come forward.”

The investigators who authored the report examined files as far back as the 1950s. Welby is said to have given the investigators total independence during the investigation.


Observers say Welby knew the dirty secrets of the church, and hoped the investigation would expose cover-ups of sexual abuse by priests.

The Free Thought Project reports that until Welby became the head of the church, the church had a long and sordid history of silencing those who claimed they were abused by priests.

Mr Welby vowed to change the rules of engagement regarding sex abuse allegations in the church. He said no priest will be protected anymore, as long as he remains the head of the church.

“We will systematically bring those transparently and openly first of all working with the survivors where they are still alive and then seeing what they want. The rule is survivors come first, not our own interests, and however important the person was, however distinguished, however well-known, survivors come first,” Welby said.

Source: New World Order Report