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Argentina Retail Food Sales Drop 75.5% YoY During COVID Lockdown

(Trending Economics) Retail sales in Argentina slumped 71.4 percent over a year earlier in September of 2020, following an unchanged 66.4 percent drop in the previous month. It was the seventh consecutive drop in retail trade, amid lock downs due to the coronavirus pandemic. Biggest declines were seen in entertainment (-100 percent); food (-75.5 percent); clothing and footwear (-78.3 percent); toys (-73.8 percent); bookstore and stationery (-75.3 percent); electronic equipment and computers (-66 percent), and sportswear (-57.1 percent).
Source: Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Censos (INDEC)

Question: Has everyone been eating 75.5% less food or are there 75.5% less people eating food in Argentina?

Source: Trending Economics 

Medical Police State HORRORS: Young Man Choked Out, Slammed To The Restaurant Floor And Heaved Away For Not Wearing A Mask

(Natural News) Covid has allowed the medical police state to grow completely out of control, all around the world. Now, new footage has emerged from Melbourne, Australia, where a young man who wasn’t wearing a mask is choked out by security personnel, slammed to the ground, then lifted like a sack of rice and heaved out of a restaurant, all while onlookers are gasping in astonishment. (See video below.)

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Expect Massive Propaganda Blitz For COVID Despotism And ‘The Great Reset’ From Here On Out

(Stefan Stanford) With #TheGreatReset trending on twitter Monday morning after a September United Nations video conference featuring an interview with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau went viral due to Trudeau admitting the ‘coronavirus planned-demic’ had provided an excellent “opportunity for a reset”, we should all be asking what that ‘great reset’ might look like with every indication it is ‘draconian tyranny’.  

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